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Posted Friday, October 30, 2009 // 1 comments (+)
Wow, seriously so much things happened this week!


But then all also bad luck one. T__T

Firstly, I almost got crashed in a car accident, but thank God I did not!

Secondly, I got bad bad results. Like really bad one. =( Who to blame? Me la of course!

Thirdly, also the worst event of all - I entered hospital. O_O

WTF right! Here's what happened -

Right after my Japanese class, my sister and I were too tired to go out dinner with Ken, so we decided to just simply eat maggi mee. I had maggi mee + yakult. And to make my mood goes better, I eat... I eat milo powder -___-''

And my mood does get better! So I ate more. My friend saw and took my spoon and scoop up some to try, and both of us got a lil bit addicted. But she didn't eat much!

Right after that, I feel my stomach a bit pain. Around 10 something. I thought it was just.. some random pain so I didn't bother much. And I went to bed around 2 something, thought I could sleep, wake up the next morning and the pain is gone.

But no.. The more I tried to sleep, the more I feel pain. So I stayed up, and went to toilet and vomit. But no use. So I drank a cup of hot milk, and eat a piece of plain white bread. Trust me, when you have no appetite at all but you HAVE to eat something, you'll feel like shit. After all those methods that I thought it'll work never work at all, I gave up. And try going to bed again. That was around 4 am.

Around 5 am I really couldn't stand it anymore, and decided to be evil - Wake Ken up to fetch me to hospital. I seriously feel sooooooo sorry because I think he has morning class later on and still, I called him up and fetch me to hospital. I asked KC but he's sleeping like a dead pig. So I have to call Ken up. And Ken brought me to hospital without second thoughts. He's my life savior T___T

And we went to Pantai Hospital. Its so damn quiet there, and kinda cold as well. And I waited for my name to be called. But got one small kid, which happens to have food poisoning as well, seems to be worse than me. He's just a small little kid, with his bloated tummy, and his worried mommy beside him. Damn poor thing! So the mommy asked if she could take turn first. So I let her take my turn and I'll be the 2nd. But trust me, the process of waiting with a painful stomach is really killing me..

After I took my medicine, when I was about to pay and quickly eat my medicine, the nurse at the reception centre there has never been acted this slowwwww before. like WTH? My stomach damn pain woi!! Can faster ah?!!!? But she made calls and so on WTF. And I can't take it anymore that I rushed to the toilet and vomit again. Right after that Ken brought me to have some light breakfast, and took my medicine. And finally... I'm feeling so much better right now...

Thanks alot to those who care. You're the sunshine of my life! T_____T

And I've learnt my lesson, not so simply eat food anymore! And and RM 40 gone just like that WTF. I could have spent those money on ice skating with my sister in Sunway!!! Damn heartpain woi...
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