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Posted Friday, October 23, 2009 // 0 comments (+)
On a fine morning after I woke up, I suddenly thought of this tag. You people out there are gonna suffer!!!! Lol just kidding, its nothing but a simple tag where you have to list down your top 10 favourite songs in your playlists, also the most played songs in your library. Readers can try to download the songs and see why its so addictive too! Please, only super nice songs only okay!

Instructions :
1) On your windows media player or whatsoever music player.
2)Search for your top 10 songs.
3)List them down one by one.
4)Tell us why you can't live without that song.

1)如果我变成回忆 - Tank
This song is a chinese song, and its very very emotional. Very powerful song that will make your heart melt and to those who are really into love songs, you're gonna lovee it with no regrets! Its currently my most played chinese song in my library! Everytime I listen to it I sure :( one.

2)Two is Better Than One - Boys like Girls ft. Taylor Swift
This song is a duet, which is perfect for couple. I love this song because I love taylor swift, and I love boys like girls as well! Their combination is fresh and I simply love it during the moment where Taylor Swift's voice is heard in this song. T.T

3)Last Night On Earth - Greenday
This song is one of my all time favourite, which is introduced by my friend Kiddo, sorry I don't know his real name, only know his nick. This song is written by one of the Greenday member, he wants to dedicate this song to his wife. (So romantic right!). At first he wrote the song on the piano, and soon make it into a full version song. If I'm not mistaken. As we all know, Greenday's songs are mostly rock or punk or...kinda noisy. This song is one of the most romantic, LAZY love song of them ever! Strongly recommended!

4) Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
This is my all time favourite love song, which never fail to make me cry everytime I listen to it (when I am emo). Check out the lyrics and you'll know why. ;)
Strongly recommended too!

5)Tongue Tied - Faber Drive
I remember I got obsessed with this song ages ago. Its really catchy and I love the way the guitar strums :) And I love the lyrics as well!

6)Work - Jimmy Eat World
I know this song is old but its one of my super favourite! It has the power of getting rid of my sadness/stress everytime I listen to it.

7) As One - Dont know which korea singer
A very sweet, soothing song of mine. Recommend to all girls out there. Boys as well if you love sweet song! If you want it, feel free to ask from me in MSN.

8)I wanna - All American Reject
After listening to this song, I really wanna go to their concert! How I wish I can sing along with the crowdd OMG! And the lyrics are simply cuteness!

9)Meet me halfway - Black Eyed Peas
I love the beat of this song, it makes you wanna move your body! And the lyrics are so damn sweet! But the music video a bit lame la. haha

10) Imagine - Avril Lavigne
This song was originated by the legend - John Lennon. Thanks for introducing this song to me Michael. Lots of people say Avril doesn't deserve to sing such song but imo, she did a great job and I love her sentimental voice!

I tag -
2)Alex Cheng
3)Krystal Pua
4)Mike Lim
7)Lern Sing
9)Ken Chia
10)Anyone who read this post lol. ANYONE! ;D
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