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Posted Saturday, November 15, 2008 // 0 comments (+)

Eh,Form 6 got 2 months holidays why mine 3 weeks only and so fast over?!?!?!? WAGHHHH!!!
And and i dont know why my friends keep on saying they cant wait till the school reopens! Bangang betul. got holidays, enjoy lah.. T____T

Went out with Amelia last saturday morning for MADAGASCAR!
Heard lots of positive feedbacks and decided to watch it instead of Quantum of Solace! That show is just, normal 007 lor. with nice cars, sexy girls and battle between the evil and the good. and i don't like the current james bond la! but i don't mind watching it actually. xD

I still remember right, during the First episode of Madagascar, I slept while watching it. So I wasn't really anticipating that show. But it really made me broke my specs! ( i dont wear specs btw lolz) cuz its DAMN HILARIOUS! It never fail to amuse all of us! Laughters filled the whole cinema from time to time! cuz its really really damn funny! HAHAHAH! highly recommended for you guys and you can bring your child or your younger siblings there too cuz it'll definitely suit their taste with those cutie lil fatty smartie meanie penguins!! =P

Those animals are damn CUTE! And the show isnt only funny, its touching too! must watch kay! ^^

Amelia's car has some problem, sounds like bird chirpping when she starts moving her car. Haha.. So i was asking, isit a bird stucked inside or somethin? Cuz it seriously sounded like that. Lol.. But we tahan-ed those sounds cuz nobody is looking at our noisy car when we're going there anyway. ^^

We had,seafood LASAGNA for lunchie again!!!! I'm not those type of people that can easily get bored with the same food. unless its repeating every meals la. Since i cant bite, so i ordered lasagna! thank god its soft.. so i can bite.. =.='' suddenly i understand how it feels to be like those old granny that has lost all her teeth.. sigh...

Bad things happened. REALLY bad! T.T.. i was in The Body Shop, browsing perfumes and all that with my friends. some smell can really calm you down ya know. =) that's why i love things that smells good! i took one perfume, pressed slowly just to smell it.. but i ACCIDENTALLY sprayed it into my eyes! WTF! imagine the perfume, a WHOLE lots of perfume went into ur eyes!!! The pain is really unbearable. T___T
for that one second, i really thought i'll go blind. so i immediately ran to the bathroom and wash my eyes. but i was putting mascara. so im kinda scared my mascara will smudge off.. so i din really wash my eyes thoroughly. i just let myself cry a lil bit. was really pain!!! T_T...
then i purposely on some music and make myself cry. lol.. then only it gets better. gah.. and luckily till now, i'm still not blind yet! thank god.T__T learnt a big big lesson man.

Then we go walk walk here and there. browsing for clothes but never buy. Then went to Terminal 1 to get our bus ticket for tomorrow. Yer so fast wanna go back adyyyyyyyyyy!!
Walked in Terminal for awhile.. Then went to our old school SMK ACS.. we saw our pictures there! WOOHOO!!

Spot me!!

(that's super obvious if you failed you go korek ur eyes out plz)

They are all my besties!!!!

Whose this pretty girl?!

=D =D =D

(my results werent THAT good, but i've tried my best ler.. T.T)

Right after that we all went back home cuz we've got a family dinner to attend! I love plans, or any upcoming events. I'll never get tired with them!!
It sounds fun right? Get to eat something nice, OILY, and the whole environment, the moment when you guys gathered around,it just feels so fun! But my teeth cannot bite on anything hard! So basically means I'm there to see my family eat!!!


Anyway,this dinner was to celebrate my bro's bday. Thought got cake wan. *sulkkk*
Surprisingly, I managed to eat few mouth of rice! And get to eat their taufu!!! woah really damn nice lo the taufu. I LOVE TAUFU!!!!!! ^.^
And parents ordered curry porns prawns somemore ler! I love to mix the curry with rice! Tastes damn nice seriously! And and, they ordered lala!!! Phew, luckily i can still eat that. Doesnt need to chew alot.. And they ordered salted chicken too. Kelling kept saying its nice but.. ahhh i missed that.. lol

LOOK AT THESEE.... Those are the prawns that we've just ate! Damn alot rite?! Means its fresh lor. kill it, cook it, eat it. yummeh!

We had our dinner until 9 o'clock. Then straight away go yamcha! With joyce, Hau and ah fu.
Joyce's hair has grown sooooooo much. much more girlish ady. =).. Ah fu din change much thou.
Hau's hair got longer as well. hahaa.. Catching up stories with each other. gossping as usual. laugh together. was really really nice hanging out with them ..^^
Joyce ordered something damn funny. Roti I Love You. lolwtf? No joke, really.

What's with those carrots on top of it rite?. Damn weird. And the roti tastes good actually. Kinda tastes like roti bom. sweet~!

When she's about to pay, she told the worker : saya order roti I love you.. dan teh ice limau.. hahahahaha (joyce's signature laughters)
xD.. Fu suggested to record on her saying the I LOVE YOU to the worker only. its gonna be fun looking at joyce confessing!!! xD HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Next week they planned to have a steambot ler. T.T.. hope i can at leasttttttt bite on something la. Now getting better ady i guess. i ate banana just now. WITH MY weak strenghtless teeth! feels pain of course. and my mouth got a few ulcers. thanks to the stupid braces. gahhhhhh..

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