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Posted Wednesday, November 19, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Currently enjoying HSM3's soundtracks. DAMN NICE! one thing i really like about them is, they're not complicated at all, and they're trying to keep everything as simple and as natural as they can. so once you heard their music, you can somehow feel their sweetness~!

This morning's english class is killin me man. Damn sleepy! and not just me kay, all my classmates kept yawning and complaining its very boring. seriously being a lecturer aint easy at all. how you can keep your students entertained and at the same time shove every knowledge inside their mind eh? she did a great job but.. its just.. not that interesting. lol

Thank God she gave us a 15 minutes break. yeah she's beautiful. lol.. i spent that 15 minutes with shufen, yiing hui and layhoon.. keep talking about just everything. they're nice people to hang out with. i don't know bout next year when i enter degree thou. friends like them are kinda hard to find. T__T.. we hung out in their secret hideout, and chit chat. and we entered the class late! -_-''

Right after that its our lunch time! we went to EP there and eat, i didn't feel like eating at all bcuz i know its gonna be hard for me to chew on hard stuffs. i planned to go back ixora and settle my lunch with mushroom soup and few pieces of bread, that's all. but layhoon wanted to go as well so i just joined them. and i ordered nasi goreng CHEESE! cheese will never run away from my life. muahahaha.. and shu fen's ais limau looks weird! its completely in green!!! Look as if its apple juice. she's so happy somemore. cuz she likes apple juice. hahaaha xD

2 o'clock we went to ACR to have our Econ class. FYI, its kinda far from the place we had our lunch. almost 10 minutes walking distance if we did not run la. so far right?! when we reached there, its still early. around 130. sat there and waited for few minutes, then suddenly one of our friend said our class is at FBLR. FBLR and ACR is really damn far away u noe!!! Around 10 minutes walking distance too! Sooooooo farrr!!! So we walked all the way there reluctantly. Ok, great. we made our way here. but then our lecturer said '' why you all come here?! our class is in ACR today!!!'' WALAO!!! Tell earlier lah!!!!!!!!!! Fine, we have to walk ALLLLLLL over to the damn place again. so far.....................
All of us sweat and bo song her ady. lol luckily the air cond in ACR is DAMN COLD!!!
And that, ended our tiring day. (actually only 3 hours hehehehehe)

Came back home and had some rest. Then kelling and my sister got back. Kelling wanted to go jetti sing k, me wanna go watch movie and jalan jalan. sister too. but no nice show is showing right now! T__T.. Then ended up all of us slept. i slept from 3 o'clock until 7 man! What a piggggggg T_______T.. Cuz its raining and its damn dark inside. sister did not on the light and left me sleeping there. Then only i get to know that they're ordering pizza! I ordered a chicken beef meatballs. with cheese! DAMN NICEEEEEEEE! but the price lagi nice lor. 10 bucks for 6 meatballs oni. damn exp larrrr!! Wanna save money oso kenot.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh....
the garlic bread roxxor! my fav.. ^^ and we made ourselves mushroom soup! damn niceeeeee~!!!
but too expensive ho....

At night, right after i washed my clothes, we watched Doomsday in our lappie!

Gosh she looks damn damn damn coooooool and hawt!!!!!! SEriously!! way cooler than angelina jolie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her hair, love her muscles, love her scars and her personality!!
That show is yucky.. i mean, lotsa bloody scenes, violent scenes.. but overall, its not bad.. maybe i really love the girl. hahaha.. and the car is damn cool!! but the ending doesn't make sense.. sigh..
worth watching thou! But it'll somehow make your brain f**ked up. cuz too many F words inside. haha.. and those people have lost their morality, omggg its kinda freaky there. Go download~ go download~~~

Tomorrow Thursday! Which means i get to go back Seremban! Weeeeeee~!

the pig is asleep......... hmph
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