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Posted Tuesday, November 04, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Amelia always asks my sister and I when can we go out to KL together. Since we always talk about it and always complain about Seremban's shopping mall is getting sucker and sucker day by day, so we've decided to go KL one day when all of us are really free to shop!

But unfortunately, we've been rejecting her requests a couple of times already because its either we don't have any money left for the month, or we have other plans to do with family. yea basically those are the reasons why we couldn't make it. So i think she got quite fed up sometimes. haha..

Last saturday, we finally made it! We finally can go KL and shop together!
We went Times Square. wanted to go Sg. Wang but do not have the time. Times square alone is big enough for us to shop. I wanted to buy some simple tee shirts there, and depends on my luck whether I can find a bag that suits my taste well or not. and plan to buy shoes there as well.
At first only 3 of us go, but Amelia suggested to ask Rachel out. at first she's supposed to follow her mom to puchong, and then only meet up with us in Times Square. but during the VERY last minute, she said..
Rachel : jieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorry i cant follow u all there. cuz my mom suddenly says she's not going to puchong anymore. so you all have fun la.. ^^
My sis : *thinks* (our house is just 5 minutes car distance, and if she's not going to KL with her mom, does not mean that she can't follow us take KTM to KL also right?! LOL..) Umm.. Why don't we go and fetch you now? Since amelia is still not ready yet. so we go up and fetch you, and we go KTM station together. Want?
Rachel : *hesitated for a few moments, and finally agreed.* But I havent bath!!!
My sis : okay how long do you need to get everything done? 15 minutes ok?
Rachel : WHATTTTT?! of course cannot lah! 15 minutes not enuf.. at least half an hour....
My sis : -____-'' okok we'll try to wait for you okay. and you gotta be fast. after you're ready only you gimme a call.

Around 20 minutes later, she finally called and we picked her up to the KTM station together.
Bought the tickets and went in the ktm, and took our seats. On our way there, we stopped by many stations. One of the station, a couple came in. The woman was carrying a cuteeeeeee baby boy on her hands. DAMN CUTE I TELL U!!!!!!!!!! Then she's just sitting right next to my sister. My sister and I can't stop staring at the cute lil boy! Seriously damn cute!!! *feels like having one suddenly.* LOLOL.. he sat on her mom's lap silently.. eyes big big observing the surroundings.. sucking a pacifier.. DAMN CUTE HOR?!?!?!?!!? My sister and I were wondering why on earth babies have such hugeeeeee eyes?!?!?! DAMN CUTE!!!!

On the next stop, some girls and guys came in. Suddenly when it reached the other stop, I heard a girl yelling : OOI he took my handphone!!!!! that grabbed most of the passenger's attractions. I THINK the girl's handphone got stolen by a middle aged guy. gah so dangerous!!! Then Rachel was like.. ehhhh faster keep ur handphone safe in ur bag!!! hug the bag tight tight!! got zip or not?!?!? xD..

FINALLY, we reached. I wasnt so sure about how to go Times square actually. Amelia is clearer cuz she always shop in KL. her hometown was there. but in the end i'm the one who shows her how to go wth -______-'. cuz not long ago we went there with Ernest. Hehe..^.^

Reached there and started shopping! ^.^.. oh yeah, the reasons why we chose there instead of MV or Pavilion or wherever is because, times square and sg wang sell stuffs at a very, very, very low price. so for students like us.. sigh... gotta choose that place lah...
We passed by a shop named i- SOCKS. where most of the girls there dressed up like those. umm lolitas..! yea thats the word. or punk, gothic. worst of all was. there's two shops combined together, which is only for members!! LOL wth is that?! inside selling all those er...combination of black, red and white clothings..
There are quite a number of ''models'' posting in front of the shop too! For some random photoshooting sessions I guess? Or they're just trying to attract more people to shop in their shop. To be honest, they look kinda creepy.. I recognized a girl, who is posing there as well. she's one of my junior in SMK S2. walao weh, the contact lens she's wearing, is like CATS EYES!
DAMN SCARY!!! amelia and rachel beh tahan. lolreally.

I bought my shoes for around RM 32 after discounts! For normal wear only la, damn cheap rite? ^.^.. I kinda hate to shop for shoes actually. they look almost the same, and i dont know which will make me still feel comfortable after 6 hours of walking non stop. DEFINITELY not heels, of course. Amelia bought her shoes for 40-50 bucks I guess. She's kinda love the shoes so .. as long as she likes it.. =).. Sister supposed to buy a pair of shoes for herself as well, but ended up did not buy cuz i-oso-dunno-why. Rachel didn't shop for shoes.

Next, we started shopping for our tops! Amelia chose a top, which i dont really like it.hehehe..
diff ppl diff taste. I prefer to shop for tees! I can wear it when i go to classes! and can wear it usually,casually. and most of all, they are CHEAP!! Rachel is crazy to shop for tees as well. haha.. so both of us have something in common, so we can shop together. Amelia hunting for some handphone hanger for a guy. hunt for damn long lor i tell u. until rachel and me go and hunt for our tees first. hehe.. Rachel really crazy ady. she bought 5-6 tees at one shot!!! =.=''
Then me only 4 tees..haha..

Had lunch in The chicken rice shop, cuz amelia insisted to eat rice. -_-''
the waiter there damn funny. he gimme some other chicken parts, which i don't like it. i'm a huge fan of chicken breast ya know?! so i ordered chicken breast. asking for exchange. then i said.. can i have chicken breast? then the waiter look at me one kind. like kinda shock and couldn't believe what i've just said. then he said, isit chicken dada? then i .__________.'' yeayeayea...
I CANT BELIEVE WHAT I'VE JUST HEARD! AINT CHICKEN BREAST AND CHICKEN DADA THE SAME??????????????????????????????????????????????-_-''

We shopped non stop for I think almost 6 hours. legs got REALLY REALY tired. T_T..
but you know la, girls. they're natural born shopaholic.they still will shop no matter how pain their legs were! Had dinner at KFC. My sister peel off the chicken skin, the crunchy and yummylicious skin. cuz its not healthy and fattening. then rachel was like..OMG WAT U DOING?!?!!? THATS THE MOST DELICIOUS PART!!! You duwan ah?!?!! I tapao for my eldest brother! He likes it alot!!! She almost took a plastic bag and put all the skins inside. looks like those people who tapao back chicken bones for their dogs right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAKS XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Cant stop laughing lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! and oh boy, a small lil kid slipped right in front of us. pity him..

When we're finally on our way back home, something happened. DAMN FUNNY!!!
We met 2 china girls. well, they are really realy friendly! Keep asking my sister how long more to reach Nilai. when most of the people got down from KTM, she suddenly stares at my box of shoes and said in a very precise china tone.
China girl : ''is that a cake? it loooks so cute!''
Me : *looks at amelia and laughs* NO!!! hahahahaha no that wasnt a cake.. its my shoes..haaha
China girl : Oh really?! it does look like cake to me! hahahahaha..

LOL..So I suggested to amelia. Why don't I take my box of shoes back home, and tell my mom i've got something for her? a cake! and see what's her reaction? okokokokok?? =DDDD
Then Amelia replied cheekily. OKOK!! AHHAHA EH EH!! after u saw her reaction remember tell me ah?!?!
And so, once I got back home..
Me : Ma.....!! I've got something for you~~~ Its a cake I bought in Times square!!!
My mom : *smiles and takes the box of shoes from me.* waaa why suddenly buy something back ah???
Me : Hahahahha.. faster see wats inside..
My mom : *feeling anticipated and slowly opens the box, and saw my shoes inside the box.* -_____-'' ah cheh!!!

My sister and I laughed until we almost rolled on the floor!!! HAHAHAHHAAHHAA.. if someone were to fool me with that, i'm gonna get really hurt lor.. cuz i love cakey so muchie... =(
xDDDD.. a very fun but tiring day of mine!

This is how it looks like. it REALLY looks like cake, if the box is not that long. ahahahah

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