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Posted Tuesday, November 11, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
6am in the morning.. Sleeping alone in the silent masterbed room.. I knew that i'm gonna put braces real soon, just 2 hours later, i'll be lying on the chair, with lots of nurses/dentists around me.. and start doing something on my teeth.. omg... its thrillin.. T_T...

First when I reached there,I lied on the chair, then a dentist asked me to wear on something, kinda look like a goggle.. haha.. then, the operation began! T_T..

I was damn scared. keeping my fingers crossed because most of my friends who did braces, told me its very painful.. but thx to zY, he assured me that everything's gonna be okay, not pain at all.. if pain, find him worrrr.. xD..anyway, really thx alot.. you did calm me down.. =)

First of all, they pull off the 8 rubbers that were stucked at the back of my teeth 4 days ago.. and i'm kinda happy because i REALLY hate those rubbers!! those rubbers made my teeth looser i guess. so that they can put the metal in...

Once the rubbers were pulled off, she started putting the metal at my four big teeth at the back.. and i thought its gonna hurt but no! HAHA! not hurt at all! (maybe i'm too pro in enduring pains =P).. after that, they started doing something with other teeth.. i don't know what they did as i was lying down closing my eyes.. they started to put some small small brackets on my teeth... and i can feel like they're putting the rubber to connect them and tighten them altogether!
and also, not pain at all. ^^..

The most painful part i guess was, the moment they put something in my mouth to open them wide.. OMG that one hurts a lot when she asked me to close my mouth with THAT thing still inside my mouth! And thank god, a very gentle female dentist put that braces in my mouth, so that i don't have to go through so much pain and bleedings.. =)

I chose light pink and purple! Good combination as those colors wont be that bright/obvious, and i wont look too ugly with it! wanna try black next time. WHAHAHAHAHAHA!
zY tried before. sounds cool but i know la,i wont be going to do that. if i wear it black, it'll somehow look like.. i'm having alot of spoilt teeth.. xD

Right after the whole process, the dentists taught me how to brush my teeth correctly. and oh god, i have to use 3 brushes to brush! T_T.. damn super troublesome.. not only that, most of the food i cant eat also! for 2 years!!! its not advisable for me to drink soft drinks, no bubblegum, no mentos, no peanut etc... T___T.. ya noe, right before the day i'm going to put braces, and right after adrian told me this cannot eat that cannot eat, i STRAIGHT AWAY go and find those hard hard food and eat.. cuz i know i wont be eating those after i had my braces!!!!!! T_______T

Went home and get ready to go back to malacca. yea.. my braces is on monday, and during the afternoon i'm having 3 o'clock classes in MMU!!!!! Cant believe i can rush back.
and i tried to have my lunch before i go to bus station.. mom made me porridge.. thx mom =)..
then i found that i cant even eat it.. if swallow, yes la.. but the porridge is not completely liquid, its half liquid half solid.. when i'm about to chew on the soft rice, i can instantly feel the pain on my teeth.. just bcuz its really really numb and weak.. sigh... so i'm forced to make myself milo.. only can swallow...then, take bus to malacca all by myself... my very first time... =(
i'm quite scared at first too. scared i'll meet with those snatchers la, miang ppl la, and get lost or something.. but, I GOTTA BE MORE POSITIVE! many people took bus alone back la helloooooo.. stop bein a coward. LOL..

And LUCKILY i managed to get back to Ixora at 2:50pm safely !!! 10 more minutes for me to prepare and go for my classes. damn damn rush!!! and stomach got reallyyyyy hungry cuz i didnt really eat anythin..T_T.. during my dinner, i just... i just.. drank soya bean!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! T_______________________T
i miss the rice... i miss the fresh salty fish... i miss the chicken.. i miss burger!!!!!!!!!
I MISS EVERYTHING THAT I CANT EAT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my sister and my housemate..they're seducing right in front of me!!!!!!!

I hateeeeeeeeee braces!!!! but once i look at myself in the mirror, i kinda feel like....
my dreams come thru.... :' )

not forgetting one of the pic i took when i'm on the bus...

Im sure his daughter has been forcing him to do this to his beloved car. hahahahaha
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