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Posted Monday, November 03, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
2 posts are coming right after this one. too lazy to blog ady. heh..

I did not expect today I'll be going out with my friends. hehe.. morning i woke up, and then eat something to fill up my hungry stomach.. then mom came back and brought chicken rice! OMG damn nice la the chicken rice. the best part of the whole bowl of chicken rice is,the rice.
Yea.. not the chicken,its the rice. LOL.. the chicken tastes good also la but normally i pay more attention on the rice.. its kinda salty but i like it!!!!! and and, i only love chicken breast and my mom knows me so well that she purposely tapao chicken breast for me. weee thx! ^.^..
i dont like other parts besides chicken breasts cuz.. i find it not worth, bones big big and those meat little bit only. why dont you opt for chicken breast then? right? hehe.. but to my surprise, most of my friends dont actually like chicken breast, they prefer drumstick or chicken wing instead. prolly bcuz of the meat is more oily and smoother gua. lolz i dont know. i'm a huge fan of chicken breast anyway. LONG LIVE CHICKEN BREAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolwtf.

After the delicious meal, i lied on the couch, randomly switching each and every channels to see if any nice shows are up on the tv or not. then i pressed hitz.tv ( cuz i do not have MTV or channel V. that sucks big big time. and i want star world too! they're showing american next top model there! sighhhhhhhhh! ) Hitz.tv was showing some songs countdown. all also my favourite songs. and first time seeing those MTVs. makes me love the songs more. hehe..
and people, go download metro station - shake shake. that song dman nice! i know its kinda old but to those who havent got that in their playlist, yea go download it. makes me feel energetic whenever i'm lazy. especially when i'm not in the mood to exercise. =P.. thx to the song! :D
and anyone saw the video of akon's song named dangerous? OMG the girl inside so hawt!!!!!
go and check it out!! heh..
the whole songs countdown took me around 1 hour. lol and so fast it reaches 5 o'clock.
suddenly my sister ran down from the stairs and asked me whether i wanna join her for dinner with alex (mc2)in jusco at 7 pm anot. cuz he came down all the way from malacca to seremban. so since i was kinda bored, and i know that guy, so i agreed! ^.^..

We had dinner in sushi king! sister suggested pizza hut, but alllllllll of us got bored of it. i believe you too. =P.. me and amelia suggested kenny rogers, but my sister was bored of the cheese macoroni. hahahaha.. so in the end we chose sushi king. wanted to have this,

but in the end i did not order it. cuz aih, i'm getting more and more stingy nowadays. maybe amelia affected me. good also, save money for the brighter future!! lolwtf.
look at the taufu sushi lah. my fav lai de le..T_________T i sacrificed it just to.. save money.. ._.'' and and.. saw those fried food on the left of the mee? MY FAV TOO! aih sacrificed it as well. damn stingy..eat only ma, why eat so expensive right?! once in awhile okay la, but not long term. no no.
so i ended up ordering chicken katsu curry.

well its not that cheap also. it costs RM13.60, after tax and all that I still have to pay RM 16! FOR CURRY ONLY! wtf ( it does not look exactly like the picture. no carrot and potatoes in the curry so yea kinda not worth my money also rite?!)

I cannot forget what LYK has ordered! He ordered FRY SET. but its more expensive than mine, guess its around Rm 16 bucks,plus tax, almost RM 18 i guess. Haaaaahaaaaaaaa!
I got sooooooooo jeles of his food that I cant stop staring at it.. then he uses the menu and block it.. gah damn.. hmphhhhhhh... but he can't block the smell... its just....... so.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh yummyyyy...!!

Japanese rice is nice. hmmm..but their soup is abit.. too salty.. and its not seasoning right?

After that, we just walked around, Seremban2's jusco is useless. nothing to shop at all. but .. sigh... at least its newer and prettier than Terminal 1. but terminal 1 has more place to shop than jusco. since we've got no other place to go, we went to MPH! sit down and read books, be nerdy abit. heh..
i wanna read the PS : i love you books, since lots of them are recommending it, so i wanna try too. but didnt find it.. maybe i didn't really look for it. ended up browsing other books. amelia reading the kids decoration books. -_-'' my sister dunno read what books ady. and surprisingly, LYK read all the Harry Potter's books! and he said before he became computer addict, he was actually a book worm! lol.. surprising aint it.. =P..

After awhile,Amelia feels bored of the place and suggested to bring Alex to go City Park. I don't really feel like going cuz at night already lo, go there for wat? exercise ah? Lol.. but in the end, we went there also. all of us don't know how to go and I chinchai point here and there, and tadaaaaaaaa! city park is just right in front of us! HAHAHHAHAHAHA!! i'm a genius!!!!

but WOWWWWW. its really beautiful at night trust me! each and everyone of us also feel that its such a lovely place for couples. lol.. indeed! we saw alot of malay couples hanging out there late at night.maybe because of those yellow romantic road lights.. the cold breeze... trees... dry leaves.. huge pond with lots of fish and small turtles in it.. 2 big fountains.. one long bridge.. such a lovely place to go dating.. we took a walk, chit chat along the way.. and finally the guard urged us out.. hahaha..
after that Alex said he wanna go yamchar. so we went to Bidari corner near my house. Alex and LYK ate alottttttt! well okay la only alex ate alot. he ordered one roti telur, one carrot juice, and one more maggi goreng + telur. wtf? and yet he's so damn slim!! walao wanna whaccccck him la.
he kept us entertained with his lame and cold jokes too. hahaahaha.. really nice to hang out with them. they're kinda funny and gentlemen.. =)

thats about it, my interesting day.. haha.. tomorrow my sister will be going to genting.. hope she will have fun over there! =) and don't spend so much ya. =P
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