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Posted Saturday, October 04, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Went Jusco on Friday. A gathering with my besties! I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL! YES ALL OF THEM! Including krystal, ah fu, hann, amelia, me and my sister. Too bad Vivienne didn't come cuz she's still in Malacca, and rachel too, cuz she had tuition.

Met up with them at 1230 at secret recipe. When we almost reached, ah pan called, and said..
EH!! ah fu go back home ady! She arrived here at 12 o'clock. and when i arrived, i saw her face extremely dark! then she said she's very fed up cuz we made a promise to meet up at 12 o'clock ady. and we're late for half an hour! Faster come la you all!!!!
Once she hang up, my sister,me and amelia also damn shock. I was a lil bit angry actually. Cuz.. Cant she just tahan for another half an hourrrr?! it has been ages since we last gathered!!

And oh damn, Jusco nid to pay parking fees ady. WTH.. Paying this is okay, they still count the time. WTH?! What if we go and watch a movie, then have our lunch there, then shopping awhile, surely 5 -6 hours gone. Then the parking fees damn geng lo? Luckily that day they didn't charge us. Oct 1-5 are trials for the new parking system. Sigh.. AND AND, amelia wore specs. HAHAHA! Look nerdy but yeah, not bad la. Well you cant hide your sillyness and craziness just by wearing a pair of specs dear. wahahahahahah.

Reached secret recipe, then saw ah pan, charmaine, vincent, mandy, anna and azlin. Then I saw someone's hair.. Damn familiar!

AH FUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHA! Gosh we're fooled by the sapo pan. Bah how can we trust her she's always the one who made such jokes when we're around Q%$^$%&^$*£^£!$!"$£$&%$* WAGH!!! Lol..
anyway, glad that she stays. Chit chatted with them for awhile then we went Pizza for our lunch. As usual............... Haha.. Hann said she doesn't want pizza, Amelia too. But if not pizza, then eat whatttttttt leh.. So we sat down and took our orders. Pizza hut that day doesn't have my fav seafood lasagna goddamnit.. We ordered for a stuff crust pizza but the lady forgot damnit..
Ok lah, at least don't have Lasagne, gimme my stuffed crust plz?
Wasted my lunch.

Went for Eagle Eye after our lunch.

Was attracted to this show while we watched Mama Mia in malacca last time. The traier makes the show damn cool. A mysterious female voice that seems to know everything that's going to happen. OMG damn cool..

And i love this guy. Shia Labeouf! He looks cute in Transformers. But here, he changed into a very cool guy.. Haha

Cool eh?.. Love his eyes!

And starring this lady. Dunno what's her name thou.

I like how this picture is taken. Nice...

Overall that movie was great. I gave it 7/10. My type of movie cuz it never fails to make my heartbeats slow down. There's alot of actions scenes here and there, exciting and amazing. Saw Colleen, kim soon, ah yeaw, ah lua there too. with my brother. Haha.. Miss all of them!

The movie ended at 345 pm. Went for shopping for awhile, Amelia wanted to buy a present for A GUY!!! LOl no la just normal friends. We love to tease each other. Hahaha.. Then sister bought some clothes in body gloves. Then we went secret recipe cuz damn long never go there ady. Ordered Chocolate Indulgence. 3 of us shared one piece of cake. Lol cuz we know we cant finish at all. And the taste is too strong until you can get bored of it easily. Plus, can save money for shopping! Went jusco supermarket and bought sushi. NO NO, just one piece each. And then went Watson to buy some thing bla bla bla..
Went back home around 7 o'clock. Hah.. Amelia said, eh wanna go terminal for a walk? I agreed. my sister don't. LOL siao mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. xD..

Anyway, its really nice to hang out with them. Never ending topics, never ending laughters and fun... Look forward to gather with you guys again.. ^.^
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