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Posted Monday, October 06, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Sorrry for the lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee updates.
Been having exams these 2 weeks.
Now,let the pictures do the talkings!!

This lasagne, took with sister in Jusco Shakeys. Not really nice.................
I prefer my seafood lasagna in pizza hut!!!!


Cute Racia from singapore!

Her face is soooooooooo small man. And once you touched her face you'll feel like.. OMGGGOMGOMGOMG! SO CUTE!!! XD

Something damn funny happened that day. I was lying on the floor on those soft toys, watching TV. With bunch of small kids around, and suddenly, I smelt something very smelly. And it smelt something like.. poop... I quickly sprang up from the floor and said, WHO POOO?!?!
I turned my head left, and saw Calden's pants. and omg what is that thing over there?! O_O
ITS SHIT!!!! He's trying to take out all shit from his pampers using his fingers. OMG!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! We quickly called her mommy and cleaned him up. He's damn cuteeeeeee!!! ^.^

This is the naughty boy..
Looked so damn comfy after you passed it out huh?? Haha

Last but not least, me!

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