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Posted Thursday, October 16, 2008 // 0 comments (+)

These few days I've been only sleeping for 2 hours. T.T.....
This is all because of the last minute studies lar! =.=''
Never mind, our housemate is with us also. Haha.
Pity my sister she still has one more paper to go on this Saturday. Which is also the reason why I am still in Malacca. Going back on this Saturday! Sad thing is, all my friends who are studying in form 6 still having classes. They don't have holidays like us. Ah well, just 3 weeks of holidays. And its the longesttttttt of all holidays. But I heard my brother said they're worse. In Matrics, they only have 2 weeks longest right? Hmm.. During the first day of examination, its accounting paper. So I thought nothing much to study also. Unlike Bio and Chemi or Physics that we have to remember all the formulaes or facts right? Accounting only need your understandings so you can score. Somemore I already learnt all those during Form 5. So I thought I can relax myself a lil bit first. But no, I open the books, flipped through a few pages on the back, and realized that I have no idea what is that. So I started reading. And it took me fewww days to finish it. Memorizing everything in these few days. That's why I only slept for 2 hours that night. T___T
That paper was okay I guess. Hmm got some wrong, some correct. But I think I screwed up one part which carries 9 marks! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Second day it was Econ paper. So of course I din procrastinate already. Studied quite alot. Did all those past year questions and finally, the paper turned out not bad. (I hope)... Still, slept at 4 something and wake up at 6 something. NO WE'RE NOT PLAYING MOM! WE'RE STUDYING!
Luckily I still know how to do la the paper. Thanks to those past years. And hopefully I din make any careless mistakess.. Hehe..

Third paper was Human Development. Thanks to those slides our lecturer uploaded in MMLS, and thanks to those past years. Many questions are taken from the past years! ^.^
Studied damn alot, and in the end, after the exam, only I get to know that they didn't count A or B or C for it. Only past or fail. WTH?!?!?!!??!

Next, it was my Business Maths paper. It was quite okay. I chose the wrong questions!!! T.T
I should have chosen the first and third question. But I chose third and fifth.. T.T..
But still okay lar, wrong one question which carries 14 marks. I think I can get half of the 14 marks gua. ^^''
Why HD only count past or fail?!?!?! Business Maths don't have?!?!?! T.T

Last paper was English. Did ok i guess. I was doin my essay, I wanna use liquid paper and rub off those wrong words. Then when i take out the cap, the whole mouth loosen. Those liquid splashed on my exam sheet. WTH WTH WTH ?!?!? Panicked and quickly took out extra paper and wiped it. Bad luck right.. T.T.. But still managed to finish it la. Wish I'm given more time to do checkings.....

Right after our exams, Kelling and me went to Jusco to have our small lil celebrations!
Had lunch in Sushi, because they're having promotions. Each sushi only RM2. Damn worth it right? Except for those who are damn expensive la. RM 2 on selected colors only.
We sat at the last places of the table. So before we get those expensive RM2 sushi, those had already grabbed all of them into their own places. ARGH!!! I wanna eat my sweet taufu sushiiii!!
Kelling wanna eat her unagi!! But we saw none of them!!!! Damn pissed ady lar.
We should have ate KFC in the first place. T.T That gave me more satisfaction. Haha
Cheap and alot! ^.^

After our lunch, went to shopped a lil. Then get ready for our movies! We watched House Bunny!

This scene really WoW-ed me! I like the middle 3 girls.

and and... WWHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Katherine McPhee is pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I cried at the last part. Really touching la there. Haha.. Overall, I give this movie 6.5/10.
Girlish show. =)

No more exams anymore.

HOLIDAYS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^
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