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Posted Saturday, October 18, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Omg nowadays it has been very hot huh?

Finally came back to Seremban! Yeah finally.

Okay lah this counted as my small small lil achievement la k? By setting my alarm at 11 o'clock in the morning, and woke up according to time. I don't know what makes me like that. :D
Worse, I woke up at 8:10 am to see why my alarm hasn't ring yet. Haha.

Cuz maybe my sister woke me up a lil by slightly opening the door, and the light shines and hit my eyes. She got physics exam today. Her last paper. Hahaha..Finally.. Hahaha.. Then I woke up and see when isit. And the weather is VERY HOT!!! But I'm still very used to cover myself under the blanky. Its not because i'm cold, its because I feel secure. Yeahhh.. Just the same reason why other people love to play with the corner of their small lil pillow and make their pillow's corner look so dark. HAHAHAHA.. No, I don't play with my pillow corner. I just love to smell my bolster!
Childhood habit. which will last till we're old I guess. Haha.. I find happiness and satisfaction by smelling my bolster! wtf..wtf..

And if I don't cover myself under the blanky, I guess my sister la, those housemates that came in my room without knocking the door will see what color panty I'm wearing that day. ahahahahah..
and thatttt's why I have to cover myself under the blanky! My sleeping pose is extremely.... random. =__=''
Not as random as when I was young la of course. Still remember when I was young, I can sleep on my pillow, and the other day, I'll find myself sleeping the OTHER way round. That means I'm having my legs resting on my pillow. wtf.. And I can really kick those who are sleeping beside me! So pity them lah. =D..Hahahahha..
My sister kena before (of course).. Mom kena before.. My cousins also kena before! She's like.. I'' I don't believe she really kick people in dreams lor..'' Then the next day, she said '' Ok ok I believe that.. T.T'''
HAHAHHAA! Sorry I have completely no idea what I'm doing when I'm sleeping last time.
How can i get to the other side of the bed when I'm awake??!?!!?
BUT, all these are better than snoring right? If my future husband snores I'm gonna ask him to sleep in the living room until he finds a way to stop his snores. hahahaha..
And Thank God, I don't snore! ^.^

So yeah come back to topic, woke up earlier than Kelling! my first time during holidays I guess. She slept until quite late too. Haha.. At last someone accompanied me. ^.^
Then pack until like 2 o'clock, and took a taxi to there. Imagine me carrying 1 HUGE luggage bag, with all my clothes inside, not forgetting my teddy bear! ^^.. Another normal size bag, the one which i usually took out during shopping and whatsoever.. And its kinda torn.. Ahem.. Cuz i put lots of stuffs in. Which I'm NOT supposed to cuz its quite fragile. ^^''.. oh well,we must always think on the bright side right? When its torn, that means that its lifespan is finished...and so.. Time to change!!!!! ^_^

Then the last one, and also the heaviest, the l-a-p-t-o-p bag. I don't know how many KGs is it. I just know its damn super heavy. Heavier than most of ur dumbells i guess. Hahahaha..
And I'm afraid that I might have lost it because last time a girl lost it just RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!.. So I'm hugging it tightly, runno i can't even run, i can even walk with heels to the bus station. WTH.. SUPER DUPER HEAVY!!!! And to ease our parents burden, we decided to take bus instead of asking them to come and fetch us...... such a nice daughter right...T.T

But we learnt our lesson today thou. That its really quite troublesome to take bus with our laptops and our luggages on. Not only its heavy, its not safe as well. So I hope my parents can fetch us back home la after our 3 weeks holidays. ^.^

I really feel like getting those you know, hard cover luggage bag where you can drag it here and there? It looks damn convenient! Haha.. But.. When I have the chance to go overseas first lah.. T.T....

Time to plan for my holidays! OH SHIT i forgot to bring Harry Potter books back. I just brought back my japanese language books. Hope can improve on it.. Since we've missed the lessons quite alot of time due to MANYYYYYYYY reasons. Heh.. =P

Plan when to go out gathering with my frenz!!!! ^.^ When to go KL!!!!!!!! ^.^ But, I cant meet any of my KL friends.... :(... Sighhhh......... Only can go shopping whole day long I guess...........
Then, other than studying, gossiping with friends, gathering with them, I guess my holidays gonna be usual as the rest of my day.... Oh wait.. STILL GOT DRAMAS!!!! Weeeeeeeeee! moonlight resonance lah, movies lah, etc... wooooooooo!
But I can really finish them up in a short time. Haha..

And and maybe improve on my photoshop skills, read blogs to kill my time, change this blogskin I guess.. If i found the right one. And its kinda troublesome to revert it back to the classic mode lah.. Then maybe change my friendster layouts? And maybe start trying to get addicted to facebook? Hmmm.. Hope I can be REAL busy during this holidays. Being relax these 3 weeks aint good too cuz I'll most probably be complaining more than enjoying. Hahaha..
And maybe.. Ok lah go play piano la!!!! T.T... Have to print out lots of music sheets and play.. Hmmm.. That's all I guess..

Don't be jeles cuz I have holidays and you dont. teeheeeee!
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