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Posted Wednesday, October 29, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
If you're reading my blog, yeah happy birthday to you girl!

Today we had a really great day.. chilling out with MMU friends, kelling and fongE.. the girls that we used to hang out together in Malacca. =P..
They came all the way down from Bahau to Seremban just to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 with us!!!
FongE said everytime she looked at the poster she beh tahan,really wanna see it so badly.. -_-'' So, since we're all on holidays, we just watch it together! somemore today is wednesday, RM 6 per ticket only.. damn cheap.. wuahahahaa..
Went to terminal 1 and waited for them, shopped there as well.. but.. didn't get to buy anything. nothing attracted me or worth for me to buy.. :( .. damn sien.. so after they arrived, we went to the bus station and take bus to Jusco with them to watch movie~ at first we planned to watch 1:15pm show but by the time they arrived to terminal one bus stop, its already 12 o'clock.. waited for the damn bus for another half an hour, so definitely we're not going to make it for the show,and luckily we did not book the tickets..

Oh yeah,I was wondering, how come S2's cinema cannot book tickets online wan?!??! I really don't get it..i called, and nobody was answering the fon!!! wtf.. never mind, we go there and buy...
its school day, and its not weekend either, so i guess there should be alot of tickets left..
But unfortunately, the 1:15 show tickets were sold out..I mean those nice seats all sold out la of course.. because by the time we reached there its 1 o'clock already. hah..so we've got no other option but to watch the 3:45 show..

Went to PIZZA! for lunch, yea yea i know, we always dine there..wtf but their seafood lasagna is the biggest attraction that I couldn't resist!!! and my sister also.. both of us CRAVEEEEE for seafood lasagna..Then then, its a MUST to order stuffed crust for the pizza.. no stuffed crust, no pizza.. xD.. seriously, stuffed crust pizza tasted DAMN GOOD man.. saw a few juniors working in pizza hut.. the holidays havent start oso start working ady? O_O
what a shame, i've never worked any part time before.. T______T

We asked kelling and fongE to try out the seafood lasagna, and ended up they both liked it alot too! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! cuz my mom doesnt quite like it.. so not everyone also will fancy that cheesy food..hahahaha..
walked around, shopped around for presents, but we did not find anything nice! saw one pair of earrings DAMN nice wan, but its RM 40 .. errrrrrrr... -_____-'' forget it..

Then went to Popular cuz FongE wanted to buy something.. ended up buying Rocky and sweets there.... lolwtf?


Their dances are cool! and very energetic!!! see the lady in pink.. LOVES HER!! vanessa looks great during the prom night too.. =)

The boys are dancing.. There's one part, where they go under the car,and when they come out from the car they suddenly become kids! OMG that part really damn cute and funny.. hahahah
oh, the song they're singing sounds great too.. and i guess, they really have alot of imaginary dancers huh? like so many people dancing around with them, then once the music stops, all the dancers gone.. -_-''

ohhhhhh ashley she's hawtttttttt~!!!!!!! *nosebleed*
she loves pink! everything in pink too.. even her locker also pink..omg damn girlish!!
and yeah, loves her hair too!!

Couple in the act.. they're so... so... so... damn sweet together la wei... awwwwwwww~~
The song they sing together was great too! and vanessa can really dance! so does troy!

ALMOST cried during the last part. I din expect them to sing '' We're all in this together'' because for sure they're not going to sing back their old songs right?
This song reminds me back to those days when I was in high school... T.T..with bunch of bff.. still remember all of us practiced this song for our RC farewell function.. Sigh... And why we do not have such GRAND and NICE and TOUCHING graduations?!?!!?!?!?!? T___________T
Malaysia has phailed..

I missed out the first and second HSM, so this last one i'm not gonna miss it! Its called Senior Year, and I guess its their last show ady.. really very nice.. nice dances, nice songs.. great..
Before that I don't think Zac looks good at all, cuz i think his nostrils are pretty big... (lol) then after watching this show, only I know, he's realy realy good looking actually. hah.. guys look damn super man and nice in tux.. Overall High School Musical 3 was a success. =)

And, did I mention about me, spilled the popcorn?!?! T______T

TOODLES~!! (courtesy from Ashley in HSM,lol)
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