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Posted Tuesday, September 09, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
My sister's asleep. Lol supposed to be sleeping by this time but since i didn't get to use the computer whole day, i'll just stay up a lil bit longer.. Gotta type silently on the keyboard so i wont wake her up.. cuz its quite annoying to bang on the keyboard when someone's sleeping, and especially our fingernails are so long..

Today during our business maths tutorial, madam gave us quiz... and damnnnnn i thought its gonna be damn easy differentiation you know! but ended up so hard. @.@ until i have to ask my friends only can do. sweat..OK lah must revise ady.. But the business maths text book is so damn thick and those words are as much as bibles! O.M.G. nvm, no sacrifice, no glory. haha

Treated EeLeng lunch since she passed her JPJ test on monday.. :D I know how sad it feels for someone to fail that damn test.. I failed it twice! THE WORSE CAR LEARNING EXPERIECE I'VE EVER HAD!!! AND I'M GLAD THAT ITS FINALLY OVER NAO!!! i still hate parking until now.. will stop saying this till i master the skils of parking lolz

Ate chicken rice with her.. Malay style chicken rice.. kinda nice wei!!!! ^^
Then we went to our classes..
Oh yeah today is my classmate, Wen Han's last day.. :( kinda sad la.. Just dont like anyone to leave... That guy is going Utar.. well, wish him all the best la =)

After that we had our accounting classes.. and.. bad stuffs happened.. !!
It so happened that today miss lau wasn't in a good mood, cuz she said she has just scolded other class, and doesnt wanna do the same to us, so ask us to be careful lah. but in the end, we still made her angry.. Very sorryyyyyy la k..
Here's what happened.. Today I snapped pictures with Eeleng during the break.. Then Yiing Hui passed by, and gave us her handphone.. and sat back to the back rows.. Eeleng was trying to snap their pictures using her handphone.. And she doesnt know which button to zoom..So i taught her, and then at the same time, Miss lau said ok break time's over~ keep everything~~
Then she saw EeLeng still playing with the handphone,i asked her to stop lo.. but dunno why la suddenly Miss lau walked towards us, and asked her to show the whole class the pictures that she has just took.. But the thing is, she DID NOT take any pictures! How is she going to show her?! Miss lau didnt believe it at all, she insisted to look at those pictures if not, she will minus EeLeng's participation marks.. *like that also got ?!*so EeLeng has no pictures to show her at all, cuz its either we've deleted those pictures, or we did not take it. But she just doesnt believe us! =.='' She said, i don't believe you guys can delete pictures in such a short period.. -________-'' * delete a picture you just have to press C and press ok only right? lol*
So EeLeng was pissed cuz in the end, she still minus-ed her marks..haih...
Miss lau wasnt really in a good mood today.. She minused almost 5 people's participation marks..and its not 1 but 2 marks you know?!?!?!
Damn poor thing la all those victims.. Gonna give her low low marks for her academic valuation..*kekekekekek*

Malays are having their puasa month, and oh goodie~ many nice stuffs to eat!!! MUAHAHAHAAHHAAHAH! I love murtabak..

Just came back from CF just now, and those people are super friendly.. made lots of new frenz, but those are most probably not going to be close one la cuz i think we wont go there so often.. lol.. sang lots of songs, most of the songs can really make me shed my tears but i force myself not to cry.. cuz i don't really like to cry in public.. Sang and prayed, and finally got back home..
We came back and bought CHEESEEEEE BURGERRRRRRRRRR! *RM 3:00* cuz we just simply had Maggi for our dinner.. so yeah.......=P

Fang E buying burgeer.. wahahahah

And tomorow, CHEERSSSSSSSSSSSS cuz i'm only having 2 hours of class! WEEEEEEEEEE!
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