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Posted Saturday, September 06, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Time to update my bloggy!

Alex went Shanghai...................... T.T.....................................

This morning i had to wake up early in the morning, at 10 o'clock to go library and do our accounting assignments.. haih... damn reluctant la but what to do? lol..
Since we have to pass up by next friday so we've got no other choice.. lol

So i woke up , and smelled something DAMN nice la ! T.T went out and saw peggy and yi xi cooking maggi.. OMG smell damnnnnnnnn good! make me hungry instantly.. lol. After that i had my boring breakfast and walked to the library, with Shu Fen's heavy laptop.. -.-''

Met up with EE Leng and did all our assignments together.. We managed to finishh it in time la, cuz thanks to Sheng Kae, I know how to do ady. ^.^.. thanks thanks thanks! =)
Did all the assignments, and Ee leng suggested to eat PIZZA for our lunch since all of us also damn hungry.. haha.. We took Taxi and went to Jusco at around 1 o'clock.. We found out that Jusco has no Pizza Hut but only Shakeys.. so we just eat there la.. still pizza la =.=''

Tadaaaaaa~! Food that we ordered. :D


this is NICE!!!! ^^

All of us got soooooooooo damn full. Damn regret for ordering the banana split. And one thing really funny was, my friends they all KEEEEP on snapping pictures until the ice cream melt.. Yala i love to camwhore but not to that extreme. lolz
Wasted 16 bucks on that. T.T

After that we went inside and have a walk.. Accompany EeLeng take her photos, and go shopping. Bought not much la .. ;P
Few minutes later my sister said she's coming with our housemate.. Going to watch movie..
So walked to MBO and met up with them.. We watched Money No Enough II. My sister keep on saying money not enough money not enough in SMS i thought my sister didn't bring enough money out.. So i was like, didn't bring enough money then go back lah.. hahahaha xD
The show overall was okay. Quite funny. Touchie? hmm to me not so la. =P Just feel that the lady damn mean.. I kept on cursing her in the show. Haha.. But i think.. they got their good sides also one la rite? :) I still prefer those country who will respect others, never blame their responsiblities on others one... ;).. got 2 pretty girls inside.. haha.. but if that movie, emphasize more on their moral values, and more touching, then i'm sure i'm gonna list it in my favourite movie lists!

Its around 7 o'clock when we finished the show.. Smelled KFC.. That damn smell make our stomach more hungry.. lol.. Walked to KFC, OMG fully occupied! Those malays wanna buka puasa buka at home lah.. =P
Mc D, full.... Nandos, full.. Sushi, full... Johnny's, full... left Shakey's Pizzaa.. And i just had that this afternoon!!! OK lah just order different stuff can ady.. This time better, spent only 9 bucks.. And not that full... =)
Went to Popular and read some magz.. Saw a mag about how you customize the look of ur handphone wan.. DAMNNN nice and girlish!! I wanted to buy that mag but i don't have those materials also.. still useless..
Sis bought one mag, and finally we went back home. By that time was already 9 something, NONE of us bathed! YERRRRRRRRR!! lolz
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