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Posted Saturday, September 20, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Its CATURDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had brunch with my sister and housemate, had maggi, and hot drinkss. Kelling's maggi rocks as usual, i don't know why. Maybe is because of the brand. hmph. Ours are really damn cheap one la, just to fill our stomach. haha..Hers is TOMYAM FLAVOUR! My favourite!

After our lunch, i got a message from my brother saying that my family is comin down to melaka to pay us a visit, bring us out for dinner and go shopping. But my sister and I have promised our housemates to go MBO for a movie. So we asked our parents to come next week and fetch us back as well. Lolz well planned huh? =P Bus tickets saved. ^.^

Went MBO and watched

The part where I screamed.

Haha.. our first time watching horror movies in cinema. Spent quite some time to pujuk my sister in thou. lol none of us dare to watch horror movies especially in cinema, cuz for sure we're going to regret. and I guess this is not that scary la. It just had alot of bloody and violent scenes.

After the show, all of us complain, spent 9 bucks to freaked us out. Haha but to me, its seriously NOT SCARYYYYYYYY! Regret for not watching Penelope. T.T

Oh oh i wanna watch Pathology too! Heard is kinda cool, cuz it has Peter Petrelli from HEROES !! i <3 that guy. haha

Finished our movie, we went to KFC for dinner. Luckily the show finished up fast, if not after they buka puasa, we won't get to have our dinner there anymore. Damn packed!

We camwhored in the toilet too!

Went to Popular next, bought a small whiteboard. Just for fun. =P
Kelling wrote this, and immitated my signature.

Reached Ixora around 9 something. Bathed then study for awhile. While i'm studying, suddenly the door opened. Two pairs of legs wearing high heels appeared in front of my door. Tilt my head up and saw kelling and my sister NBTD wearing some shoes and show off.. wthhhh.......-_-''


Then i joined in too!

Damn stupid. lol

And next, we camwhored using our webcam too! And the funniest part of all was, we record a video of us singing a whole complete song. haha. thought of uploading it to youtube too. ^.^

Then watch moonlight resonance before we sleep. that show is SUPER hot!!!! damnnnnnnnn alot of people watching that show rite now. haha.
wanna buy purse, bag, hair shampoo, lotion etcccccccccccc. MONEY NOT ENUF at all!

Signing off,

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