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Posted Thursday, September 11, 2008 // 2 comments (+)
Now listening : Wang Lee Hom - 你和我 with kelling's lappie.
Cuz she's using mine. =.= yah we're using each other's lappie for no reasons. lol
Actually i kinda like her lappie cuz its very small, and light.. and its very fast too.. but her acer lappie's audio suck compared to mine. ^^

Throat feels damn dry.. and our house don't have any water. we can either boil it, or go down the water dispenser machine and buy water. But since we started boiling water, we never waste our time going down and buy water anymore. Gah i want water!

Today had a kinda tight schedule.. Had classes since 8 to 1 o'clock without any break.
Morning Human Development class, kinda shock today cuz almost half of the students did not attend. Reason is simply because, they stop taking attendence for this sem already since this week. But we paid for it already la why don't come right? =D My mom should feel damn proud for having such a matured daughter like me*AHEM* xD
And our always-smilling HD lecturer is not angry at all. Damn how can she control her EQ that good ah? and i love her charming smiles. =) Haha.. 
So, according to her, our marriage curve against Age tend to be a U shape curve. It starts with a maximum peak during your early stage of your marriage,(cuz its new to you and you are damn motivated to start a family right?) then falls in the middle stage of your marriage,(cuz things started getting bored to you when you're repeating the same tasks all over again everyday, and suddenly you realized that its not that easy to handle the whole family) and usually rises again at the late stage of your marriage. And its totally normal for you to get a lil bored of your partner, or start to realize that whether he or she is your life partner that you are going to get along with throughout your life. Im kinda relieved after hearing this,and she said, during the first 10 years of your marriage, its the highest rate of divorce in the whole wide world.. After your 10 years, your marriage will be more stable.. (hopefully lah lolz)
But in my opinion, if you wanna maintain a very good marriage, you must really be able to pay attention on your family and put lots of commitment in it.. Duh, cuz its gonna be your l-i-f-e-t-i-m-e responsibility. ;)

So EeLeng was complaining that she doesnt feel like attending the account class. And you know i know why lah =P. But we paid for it already so hello, Just go for it lah. Show your bo song face to her also never mind,don't make us having loss in our money ma.. you're studying management right. lol

After accounting class we went to Vivienne's economic classes.. Haha really have to apologize to them cuz.. we made them do not have enuf place to sit.. paiseh... ^^''.. Time passes REALLY fast when i'm sitting at the back, and not in the front row.. I don't know why i'll feel damn sleepy and bored when i'm sitting at the front row.. Most probably cuz i wasnt' allowed to talk gua =P

Slept for like.. 3 hours.. And once i woke up, damnnnnnnnnn sweaty and hot!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WEATHER NOWADAYS?! so damn hot!!! 

At night we went to the campus for the CLS mid autumn festival.. Had mooncake lah, Walk around the housing areas carrying the lantern. haha.. was quite fun la, sweat alot.. Thought can really diet but once we came back we went out yamcha -_________-''

Just finished bathing and feels super duper refreshing and gooddddddddd! ^_^

Nowadays i really wasnt in the mood to study lah... DAMNNNN!!! Cannot be lazy anymore!!!
Finals is just 3 weeks to go!!! OMG OMG OMG !!#


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