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Posted Monday, September 15, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Around 5 days i didn't update my blog ady. Cuz... busy! =D yeah right.
Welcome back alex~ where is my siu long pao~~ ahahahah.. and those chicks there hot rite? =P
Hmm lets see, went back to seremban on friday. Didn't have 230's bus! So we had to take the 5 o'clock bus. *sulk*
3 more hours left so we walked to the opposite Tesco, did some simple shopping and had our lunch there. Then came back, at night wanted to go yamcha.. hehehehe.. but very tired lar! and not much people going also so we did not go lo.. ^^''

Saturday -
Went to Jusco with Amelia and Rachel mei mei~~~~ Long time didn't see her la. I was driving that day. Then Rachel was waiting for quite some time in her house, and she said : eh how come so slow wan? After she knew i was the driver, she said oh no wonder la. xD.. k la i admit sometimes i drive quite slow la.. eh slow = safe!! hhmphh!!!
but sometimes my mom complaint i drove too fast too! depends la on my mood whether i wanna drive fast or slow.. kekekekekekek..
Went there and had our lunch there as well.. Wanted to eat something damn cheap cuz we wanna keep those money to shop.. But then ended up having this RM 13 cheese baked rice.. =.=''

This one Amelia's one. we ordered the same dish!

My sister's one!!

quite nice la see the egg yolk~!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE EGG YOLK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*poke it and mix with the rice* OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

Then we start to go shoppin!!!!!! Amelia wanted to buy her ''cute '' shirt, I wanna buy a bag cuz my bag spoilt.. Sister wanna buy a hoodie and a backpack, Rachel just shop for fun! lol
Saw a reallyyyyyyyyy damn nice shirt la but i didn't bring enuf money.... T.T and that shirt is too expensive so kinda.. not reluctant to pay with that price... haih if i'm rich then........................
Amelia didn't buy her ''cute'' shirt too cuz that shirt was sold or what i forgot..
Shopped for few hours there, and basically you know lah.. jusco, just 2 storreys, NOTHING to shop there wannnnnn!!! wanted to buy bracelet also don't have nice ones.. x_x...

So we decided to go Terminal.. There banyak lala la but alot of things sold there.. And not ALL also lala so yeah there will be our better choice.. Took taxi there cuz too lazy to wait for bus.. Its gonna take us half an hour to one hour to reach Terminal.. lol.. Talk about transportation, Malacca is way better than seremban..
My sister bought a backpack for herself, and a hoodie too.. She's kinda happy that she finally found what she wants la.. Not for uss.. we didn't buy anything!!! Then we decided to buy some facial stuffs la.. no matter how beautiful your dresses are, once your face does not look good, no point also rite? hehe so we went guardian and bought some girls stuffs..
Rachel rant cuz she didn't get to buy anything.. cuz it definitely feels good when you reached home, you have something new to try on like earrings a, make ups a, clothes and so on. She didn't get to buy anything so she's kinda frust. hahaha.. well there's always next time la dear.. =)
kinda nice to hang out with them.. ^.^

Around 5 o'clock, we went back home.. My mom went jusco and fetched us cuz she missed the few words in the sms-es..=.= really sorry about that... hehe...
Rachel and Amelia rushed for the Mooncake Festival in ACS.. Bah i don't wanna go back there anymore. lolol.

At night, My young cousin called.. HE asked me to go his house and accompany them play candles and tang lung.. =.='' haha.. So i went la.. wanna meet those cute babies as well.. ^^
Then ate mooncake there.. Chat... and watch tv.. ahaah..
This one damnm cute rite?!?!? My cousin's gf gave to Calvis wan.. Calvis love it so much until he did not wanna let it go once he got the huge soft toy.. Even at night rite, he insisted bringing him up to his bedroom and sleep with that soft toy.. he is already THAT small size ady, and having difficulties to crawl up the stairs, he sitll wanna bring this huge soft toy up.. until he failed, frust and merajuk at the stairs.. haha.. damn cute la himmmmmmm!

Damn nice to cuddle with~~~~~~~~~~~~ nya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thats allll.. And today i suffered from the ultimate pain...... T.T for the WHOLE HOUR!!!!!!
you know how it feels when.. its only 1 minute passed and you feel like one year has passed? Yeah i was damn eager to go home because of the pain..I DUWANNA BE GIRL ANYMORE LA!!
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