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Posted Tuesday, September 02, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
IM back to malacca!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday went terminal 1 shopping. There banyak lala stuffs but its the only place we can search for some cheap and non lala clothes. and if you are lucky, you can get some nice quality stuffs too. ^^
i LOVEEEEEEE shopping! not too many people, max 3. haha..and shop with my besties~ awwwww.. LOVE IT! So we walked here and there, shopped here and there. yeah damn nice lah. not tiring at all! =D
Searched for shoes first, and didn't get our favourite ones..then i saw some nice shoes i love, but damn expensive lo... T.T....so i just don't care much lah.. haha search for moar!!

Went to some clothing shop, and ''shun bian'' shop for clothes.. haha bought one or two. wanted to buy more but din bring enuf money........ T.T cuz part of the money reserved for my shoes... girls just LOVE to buy stuffs la. really pity those guys. haha ^^
well, we didn't say that boys cannot shop as much as us right? ;)
if you're shopping with your bf, your bf pays for you, and at the same time can hold stuffs for you, ask their opinions about those clothes and all.. omgggggggggggg bahagianya~!~!~!~! xD!

After finish shopping, and we are satisfied, we went home.. cuz at night we're going to our cousin's house for a ssssssmmmmaaaallllll lil gathering.. cuz yesterday was public holiday wat. so everyone also didn't work... yah finally can see those cute lil babies ady!!! ^^

There are around... 5 babies there yesterday?
lol damn cute lah.. but i don't want that much.. lol max 2!!!

my hair very wet cuz i rushed there right after my bath.. =.=''

i dont know why he laughed like this

we're eating the ring thing.. you know those snacks that looks like ring? yeah my elder nephew put that ''ring '' on my finger, and it broke.. the he said eh ur fingers so fat! hahahaha! that lil ring is too small la my dearrrrrrr =.='''''
so hurt... sob sob... hahaha

Then i went out of the living room.. And joined them watch...................... power rangers..... .___.''

she is.. scared of the monsters in power rangers.......................................=.=''''''''''''''''''''''''

SHE CUT HER HAIR HERSELF!!!!!!!!1 LOL no wonder i was like.. eh wats wrong with her hair? in front short at the back so long wan.. new fashion? lol.. then her mom told me she cut it.. ahahahah

Minutes later, i saw ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! he's damn naughty and cutey lah!!! ^^ muacks muacks muacks!!!

?thats all.. sweaty for them.. lol my cousin got N82 laaaaaaaa JEALOUS!
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