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Posted Thursday, September 25, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Ah kee told me the one I put as my display picture can be found in jusco, and the price is kinda low. Tempted to buy, but I've got no bf, its still useless for me to purchase that. But if for the sake of decorating the house, can lah.

Went to library to meet up with Ee Leng and her friend Mei Lin I guess, as the finals are coming nearer and nearer, going to the library is the best option as I know for sure I can't study at home.
Paid for the IT fees, photostated everything and went to the library to meet up with them. Saw Vivienne studying with her friend there too. Joined her for 1 and half hour, before I go back home to see how my sister dressed up for her party. One of our housemate curled her hair for her, having a magazine as a reference. While me surfing the net reading bloggies. Few minutes later Vivienne arrived and printed our her exam slip. I played with her hair (as usual =P) and viewed leng lui blogs together. Both of us were so damn jealous !

Simply playing with her hair. Nice ? ^.^

Flash made her hair like GLITTERING. Then she said : go die la u.. haha


Her hair is super long, thick and straight. T.T jealous!
Her shirt is kinda.. silly, suits her personalities. WAHAHAHAHAH =P

At night, had dinner with Kelling and FongE. Since my sister was out to her prom, 3 of us had dinner together lor. I ate mushroom fried rice and drank watermelon juice. DAMN NICE!
and DAMN frigging full la..
Then this one, i ordered it last few days. My very first time drinking watermelon juice there. IT TASTES LIKE HEAVEN!!!! Cold, juicy, refreshing, sweet.. you name it...
Kelling didn't believe me, and tried on it too. She can't resist it either. Haha. Then I'm like, eh Kellling, see.. i order this juice.. then all follow me.. haih.... xD cuz really at least one people from each table will order this that day. HAHAHAH!

Dinner finished, we walked back to Ixora. Then I said, Eh fongE, don't take this path. I wanna try the other way.. There that one ah.. *points at the other road*.. Then while we're taking the other road back to Ixora, which is very near to the main road, and it is where we always take taxi and bus to go shopping. Suddenly FangE said, EH STEPHANIE! WE GO MBO WATCH MOVIE WAN?!?!? Kelling and me shocked and agreed!!! We just brought our own handphone and wallet only. Dressed up damn casually. And off we go to Jusco! Everytime I said go back home awhile lar.. I wanna bath first.. Then changed, bring jacket and all that le.. FongE sure said : eh no lar.. later feeling tak betul....
Damn sweat rite?!

Wanted to watch Penelope. But I guess that show was too old ady gua, that's why they took the poster out. Took bus and reached there around 930 pm. The bus driver and his worker all damn flirty. Flirt with those malay school girls. OMG.. Used those fake toy snake and scared those girls. Then those girls will scream and whine and those guys are happy. wtf.

So we ended up watching this!

That young lady Sophie was GORGEOUS. I tell you she was GORGEOUS!!!!!!
I loveeeeeee her sexy lips! OMG OMG OMG! Damn nice la her lips. That show was overall not bad. Brought alot of laughters. And made me feel like crying when her mom give her daughter away. T.T.. And those soundtracks ROCKS! LOVE THEM!
Especially the starting one. OMG!!!!!!!! I have a dream~~~ A song to sing~~~~

Went to library whole day. Got so bored of studying. Thought can go back to Seremban tomorrow. But sadly parents aren't comin and fetch us. Cuz they're busy. T_T..
They can only make it on Sunday. ALL MY LOVELY PLANS GONE!!!!!!!! T_T.. Ok fine. I'll just wait until Sunday then. Sighhhhhhh.. Just now seriously feel disappointed and down.
And i'm wondering WHERE IS ERNEST?!?!?!? He's been lost for 2 days. Sms him no replies, Call him nobody answer. Online didn't see him, Garena he's not there either. WHERE R U?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? If you tell me u're playing ur toys i'm gonna chop you in 18 pieces.

Last but not least,
The beautiful and romantic view from the 16th floor of Ixora. Awww~

Gonna continue study. T.T ANDDDDDDDD continue watching drama. ^.^
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