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Posted Sunday, September 28, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Finally I'm back to Seremban! Although here is older than the apartment I'm stayin rite now, I still miss and love it.... T.T

This afternoon we had no idea where to had our lunch because, yeah this is another thing I don't wanna stay in Ixora during the weekends - most of shops will be closed. Even the other place also nothing to eat. So we have to walk around and start hunting for food. I skipped breakfast so I was extremelyyyyy hungry. Reached Mori and ahhhh.. Not that willing to go there. Food expensive + little + not that delicious. And the drinks, they suck money like suck blood la. walao...!!!
One drink 5 bucks. Just a DAMN simple drinks where you can get anywhere lor. But fine.. Since today was the last day of the week that we're going to eat here, we spent!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! *throwing money out xD*
Ordered some chicken chop rice for 5 bucks. For KL price of course its damn reasonable la. but for malacca price, its NOT!! And the chicken is so damn small size. *seriously*.. My sister ordered 6 pieces of fried taufu and costed her 4 bucks. Taufu so expensive mehhhh?! Ok ok lol I might be sounding like an aunty just now.. And and the drink, I ordered Pearl Milk Tea. costed me 5 bucks!! What's inside there la? just pearl nice only. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh¬¬¬¬¬¬¬
Drink until I'm not feeling well. But one thing, ONEEEEE thing that's good bout it was, its super filling. I can even skip my dinner with it. Save cost and diet at the same time! =D
After that not-so-satisfying lunch, we went back to our room and pack our stuffs, getting ready to go back Seremban! I wonder how can other students stay there for one whole week. Wont they rot inside their room? Okay i can understand why, just because they wanna study there,cuz at home too many distractions. haha. But its damn boring lah. Plus, no food to eat. What are they going to eat then? My neighbour,the one staying opposite my unit, she bought hell lot of maggi. lol pity her.... If we have car then....................................... heh...heh....heh.......................^.^

Then watched one episode of moonlight resonance before dad came to Ixora. DAMN NICE!!!
Forced ourself to stop before we ignored dad's arrival. Lol. Finally my bro and dad came and took us back. Had dinner in Newton. Their GREAT GREAT PORK RICEEEEEEE! *have been waiting this day to come for quite some time. hahaha =P*

Then we went Jonker.. Brought our brother there. And played with those cute and stupid stuffs.. xD.. I wanna shop longer.. :( but dad asked us to go back ady.. So fast... :(...

On our way back to Seremban, brother suddenly said our aunt, can finally speak ady. OMG we're so damn happy. Hope you'll fully recover soon ya ^^

Came back, studied awhile * I didn't know i was that hardworking. HAHAHAHA.. *
But i have the mood to study.. I donno why! Maybe is because Im back gua.. ^^ with the bright bright light.. OMG 10000000X BETTER THAN STUDYING IN IXORA! There is so damn dim, make my eyes feel like seeing things blurr.. So no mood study..Now I know i made the right choice! Finals is next week. sigh.... T.T

Called Ernest just now, and 7 bucks gone. OMG.. I forgot now OFF CAMPUS liao!!! Thought still Rm1 then free calls. =.='' 7 bucks gone just like that. *heart pain*

Oh people, remember to watch moonlight resonance. Really damn nice and touching!!!! Go watch now!!!

Going to bed soon. Miss my soft and comfortable bed...
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