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Posted Monday, September 22, 2008 // 1 comments (+)
OMG OMG OMG ! Cant stop watching this show right now!!!

This super hot hongkong drama!! And its seriously damn nice and addictive!!!!

Got to know this drama from friends. Cuz always when i'm chatting with someone in MSN, i'll ask, what are you doing? what are you up to and so on. The most of them replied : Watching moonlight resonance, you? or some sort of replies like that. what the hell why sooooooooooooo many people are watching this show nowadays? hrmm let me try to list a few out, Ah Onn *skipped classes just to watch that*, Julian * stay up late just to watch that*, Lay Hoon *finished the whole chapter yesterday*, Unknown guy in msn * pm-ed me and asked if i got watch this show or not*, Adrian the hamsapzai * watched cuz many people intro him* and SOOOOOOOOO ON!

Ok, i can't be that outdated anymore. I must watch it someday! Started watching it few days ago, and now we're on the 4th episode. And seriously, it makes you laugh out loud, curse, happy, addictive into that show.


Catch them all if you're free. ;)

Tomorrow we're having our last class for this semester. yay.
Today we were told by our classmates to dress up formally cuz there will be some photo sessions with the lecturers and classmates. Many of the girls dressed up nicely too. All wearing heels, nice outfits, make ups and so on. while the guys.......... sigh.. lol

Yeah today kinda had fun during our classes. No arguments at least. lol thats the very very good news for me ady. thank god. Business maths no more, i love that lady so much. especially her lame jokes and her super high EQ. English no more as well, that lecturer look damn pretty. her eyes.. reminds me of angelina jolie. i don't know why is that so, maybe is because of her thick make up on her stunning eyes. human development class ended last week as well. my god i love that lady's warm smiles. =) and her EQ is super high too! well she has to because she's teaching psychology. even there are only half of the class attended her lecture she'll be smilling to us as usual. Now left economics and accounting class only. Yeah tomorrow everything ended! well i guess. lol. Maybe Accounting not yet. she still wants to discuss bout those pass year questions.


From the left, Su Fen, Stephanie, Ee Leng, Jing Yan, Yiing hui , Pn Noradzilah ( our business maths lecturer)

lai, alif ( i guess), prem, gee, steph, ee leng, syah, syazah, dunno ( i'm really sry),pn noradzilah, su fen, sheng kae, yiing hui

yiing hui, jessy,qiqi,jia sin, steph, ee leng, li wei, ah onn

grace,qiqi, jia sin, steph,ee leng, liwei,prasad,jessy

Look what ee leng did to my beautiful nails

Su fen and Yiing hui felt extremely disgusted by this. hahaha

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