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Posted Sunday, August 31, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
While 3 of us were sleeping soundlessly in this beautiful sunday morning, Dad woke us up. O_O
And said we're going KL!

We're hyped. haha

If he just wanna wake us up bcuz its late, we'll be quite annoyed. but when he said we're going to kl, we instantly ^^

So quickly brushed and took our breakfast, and off we go to KL! Went there to visit our aunty and meet up with other relatives. She has been transferred to another hospital. She still look the same, still lying on the bed not being able to speak nor response.. But at least she knows who came to visit her.. That's a good sign right? Then my aunty asked her to did some simply exercise by simply lifting her hands up and move up and down.. And she moans in pain and cried.. T.T All of us were like, eh stop stop stop.. see she's crying! But then my aunty said its some kinda physio treatment, and she HAS to do that in order to recover..So even if we see her crying in pain, we'll have to tahan also cuz that's good for her... :)
Last few week's visits, she did not feel any pain in her body.. And now that she can cry and moan in pain means that she's feelings things already! ^.^ THANK GOD!
Hope she'll recover faster...

After that, we went to Nasi Briyani King there and had our lunch. I wanted to eat chinese meal but daddy brought us to this malay restaurant.............. :(
Then dad ordered few plates of Nasi Briyani, and i want nasi cheese ayam wan. but whole lot of people are ordering it so its gonna be damn late for mine to arrive. Then we canceled it lor..
O.M.G! Its damn nice wei!!!! The chicken..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH¬!!!!!¬!¬!¬!¬!¬!¬!¬!¬!
i prefer... chicken over beef!!! DAMN FUCKING NICE!


After that we went to 1 utama.. I don't know why.. lol.. wanted to go times square but dad just brought us to 1 utama..
Went there and shopped for hoodie.. I saw ROXY ones DAMN NICEEEEEEEE! but expensive.. T.T.......... So didn't get to buy lorrrr... Shopped for few hours there and finally got our stuffs..

I was going down the escalator.. when I'm about to reach the floor, suddenly my shoe lace stucked in the escalator.. I cant move at all.. So i tripped.. And I just can't pull my shoe lace out.. SIster was O_O'' beside me and I kept on saying OMG OMG OMG OMG.. Then i pulled it out with all my strength and finally its not stucked inside there anymore. OMG horrible experience!!!!

Yesterday August 31st leh. Baskin Robin half price.. T.T but we didn't queue up cuz the line damn long lor.And yesterday damn crowded la 1 utama. My eyes damn tired .. lol too many things around and making me dizzy! Better not to cram with others next time..... lol...
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