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Posted Thursday, August 07, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
This morning, managed to wake myself up at 2 o'clock. not exactly 2, almost 2..
and YOU KNOW WHY I WOKE UP SO LATE?! its because, yesterday my rooftop leak water cuz of that heavy rain! because of that i'm cant sleep good.. T.T..
my sister was just sleeping beside me, and i bet she heard the rain dripping too.. so she's like.. uhh wat happened? i woke up, and touch my pillow where i slept on it, and OMG its wet! i quickly rushed into the bathroom and take those small piles and fill the water, and put a thick blanky underneath it too. then i slept up side down.. T.T.. i hateeeeeeeeee it so much! i suggested to mom saying that its time for us to move to a new house and i'm willing to sacrifice the chances of getting us a car in uni than buying a new house. lol.. but mom said its hard to do so when 3 of us are still studying.. T.T so bear with it like... few more years later? duwannnnnnnnnnn! T_T

And so i woke up, and quickly looked at the clock, ok 2 o'clock. i guess mom's gonna come back after 2:30. lol i'm pro at estimating time ady =P
Din eat anything cuz i'm going to see dentist soon, and i'm lazy to brush again, so i just got myself a small cup of hot milo.(^_^) then read newspaper while my brother lying down on the sofa comfortably and watching kung fu panda on the television.

Then around 2:45, mom came back, brought our lunch, and mom said i better eat first before i go. cuz i'm going to extract one tooth today so after that i can't eat anything. hmm so i listened to her, and ate my lunch. its damn nice ^^ i miss the food she brought back to us during weekends like what we had during our holidays few months ago..... :( i used to skip my lunch cuz i woke up damn late and when i woke up, i ate my breakfast so i'm not hungry anymore for lunch. lol

Around 3 something, we reached the clinic. Queued up and wait for my turn, saw my ex teacher waiting there as well, chatted a lil bit and then so fast my turn liao. T_T.. mom sleeping beside me.. lol i know you're tired already.. =)

Went in, saw around 4-5 dentists and their assistants wearing masks and i walked to one of the counter. surprisingly, they asked, which teeth are you going to pull? i O_O and thought : you don't know?! then luckily i know which is my extra tooth, showed to them and they said : are you sure its the one? sure ah? sure? then i nod and staring at them in disbelief..
I lied down on the chair, Lights shine on my face, open my mouth wide, dentist checked it and took something out. I instantly O_______O'' when i saw whats in her hand - a damn HUGEEEE niddle! ITS DAMN BIG n thick!! Then i heard the dentist said : u jangan tengok tu jarum la. haha ( still can laugh) so i quickly close my eyes, and enjoy the pain. and WHO THE HEAVEN SAID ITS NOT PAIN?!?!?!??!? i almost cried when i feel the HUGE niddle poked inside my gum.. and especially that portion of gum its EXTRA SENSITIVE! ahhhhhh~~~~ ~~~ T_T

Few minutes later, the dentist asked me to wait outside, so i'm like, eh? my tooth extracted ady? weeeee ^^ its really not pain wei! hahaha.. i went outside, and talked to my mom happily :
Me : MOM finish ady! can go home ady.. so fast eh and not pain at all.. haha ^_^
Mom : huh where got so fast? see~
Me : *open my mouth wide and show her*
Mom : omg ur gum is bleeding.. and no the teeth is still there!!!
Me : WHAT?!?!?! wtf................................. * wait unpatiently*

10 minutes later, i can feel the total numb on my right hand side of my face. you know, even i feel its hard to breath cuz my right hand side of my face is totally numb! i pinched my face and din feel a thing.. wow like that good.. later go in sure not pain wan..
Walked inside, and they started to pull it out.. i can feel them forcing everything!
can feel them being so harsh to my innocent extra tooth.. and finally, its done! they asked me to bite on a hard cotton.. and it keeeeeeps bleeding.. T.T...

And i cant talk, cant eat for the whole day. thanks to that minor minor surgery. gah....
hmm i wonder what happened to those who got their 4 teeth extracted.. means like they have to inject on each and every side of their gums? and then they have to bite 4 hard cottons at the same time?! O_O'''

Something, its better to leave it untold. lol
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