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Posted Monday, August 11, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Just finished my exam just now, now updating at 1:45. Just finished Ming zhong zhu Ding Wo Ai ni ^^ its damnnnnnnnn niCE!

And thank got that HD exam finished! I'm kinda worried that i cannot score well in that exam, cuz i was really busy during the one week holidays, and din get to read much on it.. thanks to the last minutes studies this afternoon, and the slides that my lecturer uploaded in the MMLS. and i managed to improve on it..

Longggg time din update my bloggy, and i guess i'll do it ASAP when i have the free time.

Not forgetting ,yesterday was my bestie ah hann sapo's bday! wish her happy bday, and all the best! ( its not like she'll visit my blog ho.. i'll spam her my blog link next time ^^)

Ah Pan emo cuz something happened, din get to talk to her cuz when i online, she's going to off ady..so we'll find some day to chat k!

Viruz went back to Brunei, and ONLY for one day. zha dou................so rich a u! lol

Today while we're taking lift, my fren walked out at 3rd floor instead of 1st floor. LOLed hard on it. XD

Someone went Ipoh and i'm wondering, why he didn't on for 2 days? lol its only 1 day i guess. @.@ blur blur ady..andddddddd UPDATE UR BLOG LAR!

Didn't talk to ernest much and i'm sorry lo. today got exam ma! i'll talk to you when i got the free time ya~ ^^ I guess that's all. Gotta sleeeeeep! Dont know why my stomach hurts T.T.... its way too early for period! no more healthy lifestyle in MMU? NOOOOOOOOOoooooOOO!

P/s : sooooooooooo many ppl cut their hair or changed their hairstyle! LOL! i wanna curl mine

Currently : craving for mooncake. TAUSA FTW!

Tomorrow 11 am class. 5 hours class for tmr! sienz.
oh, congratz on my lecturer cuz she's pregnant hope you got a baby boy ya~ god bless you =D
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