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Posted Friday, August 08, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
I'm back from watching show! Guess after this post i'm gonna sleep. WAitttt.. Still have to play my burger shop first. ^.^

Now only i realized my blog best viewed with firefox. i tried viewing it using IE and it sucks big time. And i don't know what the heaven is wrong with my firefox, it just keeps on shut down on its own. sigh.. This computer is getting more problematic nowadays.. Time to......?? ^^


I'm proud to say that, today, i finally achieved something! ^^
I woke up at 10 o'clock! Ok that's very rare for me already ok..
The purpose of me waking up so late is simple - just to accompany my siblings eat breakfast. we walked to the shop near our house, and ate our long-time-din-eat hakka mee! my sister and I bought the same thing, drinks i want it to be horlicks, but sadly they didn't provide, so Milo lo..
Bro ate his curry chicken mee. DAMN FKING NICE!
But sadly, my teeth is making me hard to chew on my food.. T.T

After the breakfast, i studied! for like 2 pages and then i slept. wtf.....
I don't want to, but yesterday i slept damn late.. around 5 am! @.@
and woke up at 10 am! so i was waiting for my mom to tapao food back for us when she finished her work, and study at the meantime. but then my bed seduced me.. T.T... and.. i slept.. just like that.. from 2 to.....5:30?


Viruz : studying ah jz now?

Me : i just woke up ...

Viruz : WHAT?! u said u're studying then y u sleeping?!

Me : *did i tell him i wanna study jz now? i guess i did @.@ * ermmmm.. hhaaha the bed seduced me maaaaaa!

Viruz : ......

Then after i woke up, i went downstairs and had my lunch.. lol.. anything tastes as good as lasagna that time! cuz i'm damnnnnn hungry..

Drove in the evening. This time, i drove really DAMN slow.. cuz i think, as a newbie, if i drive so fast, then wat if i'm getting better in it? i drive faster and faster next time? so no i'm gonna limit myself, drive as slow as i can first. k slow and steady, dad was quite satisfied. except for the up hills part.. bo bian our car is not auto! so it will slide downwards! and when i nearly reach my house, i wanna park outside my house.. but then i'm too left to the pavement! I cant see a thing! All i can see was, the car, bumper, and the front part of the pavement, cant even notice how far is my distance between the car and the pavement. Dad warned and said : You're getting too close! Then BOOM!

I went up to the pavement and the left side of the car go upwards, leaving the right side of the car downwards.. dad was scared and i quickly turn the sterring right and park right there. Before my dad left the car, he said : You're scary... T_______________________T

Pics for a clearer view..

it went right up to the pavement. O_O.. sigh.. gotta practice more.. only parents willing to let us drive out on our own...

At night, we watched OLYMPIC 2008!!!! Its a must watch lah. and those fireworks, those creative performances are stunning! and its so 3D like..

damn nice and impressive... and the ending fireworks lagi beh tahan! sibeh sui! hahaahah.. those who have missed it,here are some photos for you guys =)

The Olympic rings are pictured during the Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

Fireworks explode from the stadium roof (its amazing!)

A general view of drummers performing

Chinese opera and puppeteers performance

Drummers are pictured during the Opening Ceremony (damn yeng!)

The Olympic rings are illuminated

Scrolls and caligraphy are displayed (i called it the magic carpet. haha)

Ladies of Tang dynasty are pictured (pretty ladies)

Art performance of 'Beautiful Olympics' (she's DAMN slim O_O)

Martial artists perform Kung Fu

Dancers perform on a scroll (damn creative too la this one)

Taiji performance of the opening ceremony (they will never get their position wrong!)

Acrobats create a Bird's Nest out of the human body
(you know, they have small light bulbs on their body. wow)

Artists underneath movable boxes perform (pity them la have to stand and squat. lol nice effort =)

Performers display umbrellas with children's faces (probably this was shown when i was taking my bath, cuz i don't rememeber i've seen this..)

Passing of the flame

Li Ning carries the Olympic flame ( He flyrun around the whole bird nest, and i think his legs and hands are tiring..., but its a GREAT GREAT honor to be given that chance to light up the olympic flame!! )

The Olympic flame (FINALLY!!!!)

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