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Posted Thursday, August 28, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Woke up at 8 o'clock, feel DAMN proud cuz i can wake up in time! NO MORE FORGETTING THIGNS LIKE TUESDAY. THATS GONNA BE MY FIRST, AND LAST TIME! HMPH!!!!
Went jusco with my classmates yesterday after our class. Our class ended at 12 o'clock. Went Jusco cuz Grace wanna ''explore'' the Parkson opposite Jusco.
Didn't plan to go at first, but they said : we AJAK you to go , so how?
LOL.. give some face to them, and since its also an opportunity to get closer to my classmates, so finally i agreed.

We can't choose where to have our lunch, some wanted KFC, some McD, some sushi.. Nandos was eliminated cuz Amie said she worked there before and its really ugly. so yeah finally we chose Sushi.

And this damn thing costed me 20 bucks! T_T *sam tong~~~~*

Cold Soba Set RM 16.90

Prawn and vegetable tenpura (DAMN NICE!)

Sweet beancurd sushi(MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!!)

Mixed vegetable salad(Totally neglected this lolz)

Crabstick(Neglected this but my friend reminded me so yeah i still eat them)

Served with cold buckwheat noodles,omelete,green soybeans(not bad lor)

and cultured milk drink.(yogurt? LOL nice! ^^)

And some pictures i took during my business maths classes. hah

My cute lil business maths teacher!


Came back from Jusco around..... 4 o'clock. Damn sleepy. Died on my bed straight away at 430 pm. until..........7.. haha.. im a PIGGGGGGGGGGIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ('@')

And cuz of that 20 bucks, i don't know how many meals i can spend already.. T.T
so i decided to skip my dinner. and don't worry lah i wont let myself starve wan. i'm quite healthy wan. =P ate something at 12 o'clock.

LidRen, Hang Kai, my sister and her coursemates all asked us to go down the ixora open hall and watch Ming zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni last episode together with our lappie.
Quite troublesome la to move it here and there. But its quite fun~ The last episode is really....

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