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Posted Monday, August 04, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
My mom bought me a new blanky. ^_^ cuz the old one, left in malacca ma, and the current blanky is just TOOOOOO small for me. it can only cover half of my body. -.-''
I think that blanky was the one i used since i'm small. lol and i still remember i love it so much cuz its comfy and thick. now the new one lagi nice. wooooo! its a blue color one, AGAIN. lol pink blanky just doesnt look nice. ( i guess =P)

My holidays started!
Yesterday went out for a movie with my lao gong buffy early in the morning. and before that night i chat with alex and julian until like. 5 o'clock? and i off is because of the screen suddenly not functioning. lol.. 5 something man imagine that! and i set my alarm at 9 o'clock, cuz going out at 10 o'clock. the show is at 11 o'clock. gotta be early to get the ticks.. ok, so my alarm rang. i can't recall.. whether i off it or what.. and continue sleeping.. it must be.. lol.. and when the clock strikes 10, i don't know why i sprung up from my bed and got panicked. damn i'm late! lol.
called buffy and she said the movie is at 11 o'clock. and luckily, she bought the ticks.

The movie was quite nice. i like the ending part..at the beginning there are too many talkings, no actions, make me feel sleepy.. and too many people inside there, i don't know who is who. and while i'm smsing with ernest, EDISON appeared! WTF! my sister O_O and said OMG edison! i'm like O_O where where where!!!! then no more. its just like 2 seconds show only gua. hmm =(
Next movie - Mummy! and i don't know when is it. ah..

Lunch = pizza. ( cuz i damn long never eat that already lar. ) and ordered my favourite SEAFOOD LASAGNA! don't feel like sharing with my sister at first, but then... hmm better share lah. lol one whole lasagna with pizza and breadstix and mushroom soup, how can i finish them all. and our lunch is goooooooood! pizza still the best! lol not forgetting my fav lasagna. =P
you guys have to have to have to try it out!

Met ah fu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and her mom said my sister got slimmer. and i'm stil the same. ah that hurts. T.T.. lol.. but at least its better for her to say '' eh you gained weight '' right? lol think on the positive way. :D.. din get to shop at all.. T.T cuz time is running outtt.. never mind, gonna shop this wednesday. ^^ met mei yee and fiona, chat and took picture with them. not going to post it out cuz its TOO-FAT-TO-BE-PUBLISHED! =P

Got back home at 3 something. Slept for few hours. and daddy suddenly said : lets go kl visit our aunty. mom cooked our dinner and we didn't even get to eat it, and rush to kl ady. my aunt seems to be better now, more energetic than our few weeks back visit. but still, her right hand side of her body still can't move. left side of her body can move, but is weaker compared to our last visit. sigh.. when only she can recover? her children are still so young and its definitely heartbroken for them to accept this fact. sigh.. i bet her children and husband cries every night, praying and hoping that she's gona be alright. my dad estimated that, based on her recovery now, its gonna take about 1 or 2 years for her to completely recover.. God bless her..

Now let the pictures do the talkings!

my present and my sis's present from our lovely and cute housemates! ^_^

our yummylicious bday cake! its ADDICTIVE and yummieeee! and its just 15 bucks wtf?!

Buffy's present..

inside is...

hen de yi.. XD

present from alex! thanks a million! :D..
he's worrying about his parcel and after 2 weeks, only we got it.. and my dad said : your bday acke arrived.. XD haha


cute huh? XD thanks ah!

when i'm doing my business maths homework, mom knocked the door and handed me this.

Yogurt + fruit. healthy enuf. XD thanks mommyyyyyy its YUMMY!

1: 55. goodnight world. =)
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