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Posted Sunday, August 31, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Yesterday went out with my bestie!!!!!! LOVE THEM LOTSIE LOTSIE! xD
First of all my sister and me arrived there earlier cuz we wanna buy our stuffs, scared later if too many people we can't get to buy. So we took quite alot of time on choosing our stuffs lah.
Then Ah Pan arrived. Seriously her hair looks much more nicer right now. Looks younger and cuter haha.. Got those, designer hairstyle!

*looks at my own hair*


like shit.


Wanna curl my hair¬! and dye my hair too! CAnnot lah all my juniors also so pretty ady. We cannot lose to them!!!!!! O_O

Later on Amelia arrived, we went to Pizza Hut and sat down for our dinner. Our same old gathering place¬.. Ordered and chat for very very long. haha.. reached there around 7 30, and went back around 9 o'clock. And our ah hann, got date lah she.. hmph.. dump us T.T.. haha
and sorry cannot go countdown with you lar, 1stly, don't wanna interrupt you and HIM, secondly, i'm not that patriotic to countdown during merdeka la. hahaha if new year definitely i'll be there! ^^
While i was chatting with my sister, suddenly my sister said something. i looked up, and saw MICHAEL!! he's still as cute as usual. if minus the pimples lah. wakakakakka.. he's here to gave my sister and I our presents. :) thank you very muchieeee! and i told him to get me somoething PINK, he got me this. damn zha dou -_________-''

look what we did. haha

This is what we did to Michael's presents. HAHA! *no offense ya mic, just wana play with it only.. and i love that present very much! hahaa ^^''*


Stuff crust pizza ROCKSSSSSSSSSSS! omg omg omg i wanna eat that again!!!!

Affffter that, I said i wanna buy shoes, so does my sis, so amelia was quite excited. haha.. but ah pan was not cuz she was in pain.. lol.. sorry la next time when u're hungry, straight away tell us ok? we didn't know that your gastric will come ma.. sorry ya.. ^^''..

Walked here and there choosing for our shoes, but none seems to suit our taste.. I don't know why, choosing clothes and all seems easy, but not for SHOES!! Its really damn hard for us to find something we really like wan. Maybe lack of experience gua? ^^ Anyway, shopping with my girlfriends are the best! I started to miss Amelia and Ah pan ady.. :(

Shopped until 11 o'clock, but did not buy anything. haha. So we decided to go home. Whle waiting for my parents to reach Jusco, we saw a small lil girl.. Damn poor thing one le.. She's wearing a mask, her skin has some black and white spots.. she doesnt have much hair... We feel damnnn pity for her.. Then Amelia said, by looking at her, we will feel that we're actually so blessed... And stop blaming this and that for not being perfect.. Yeah.. she's right too..When you are comparing yourself with the poor, you will find yourself very blissful. When you're comparing yourself with the rich and pretty ones, you will be damn unsatisfied.. Sometimes you need to compare yourself with the poor, and the rich ones too. Just to balance up.. Must appreciate what you got cuz .. there are really damn alot of children out there, do not get the chance to be as healthy as us.. And the worst of all is, they didn't get to choose. They were born in such a way.. Damn poor thing.. :'( God bless her so that she can recover real soon.. :)

I don't know why, but when i'm with my besties in seremban, i seemed to be more motivated to do things. Mainly is because, we set our aims together, we look forward together,we changed together, and we've been thru alot. I really don't wish to lose them.... :')
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