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Posted Tuesday, August 26, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
1030 my alarm rang. Woke up, brushed and so feel so dammn happy wei. syok sendiri..Thought i have plenty of time to play computer and prepare before i go to class. *^^*

Then suddenly Kellling knocked my door and said : eh stephanie.. something's wrong with peggy's laptop.. come and have a look plzz..

Her lappie cannot detect any wireless network. So i also don't know what to do with this, i've never met with such problems before so i couldn't help much. Saw Kelling really worried about it and i'm trying my best to solve also la. but still,I have no idea what's going on. She's damn guilty cuz she thought it was her fault for making her lappie spoilt. (not really spoilt lah).. cuz yesterday night, while peggy and her friends were watching movies on her lappie, Kelling said she wanna transfer something into her pendrive. She plugged it in, and instantly the screen went all blue. with some words on it. what press f8 to enter safe mode or whatever lah.. -.-' She's damn panicked. and restarted the lappie.
But Peggy was asleep. And it requires password. So they've got no other choice but to shut it down. Cannot continue watching too.. haha..And this morning, it was like that already. So kelling somehow thought that it was her fault. Which i don't really think it was her fault. lol.. Helped until 12 o'clock, gave up cuz its really complicated, and thanks to caleb for trying to help us out =).. Ate brunch, and WHILE i'm having my brunch, suddenly i thought of something and almost got heart attack.

I forgot to go for my Business Maths tutorial class at 11 o'clock!


I was damn panicked and came back to my room,oh its 12 o'clock. the class ended. So haihhhhhhhhh DAMN CARELESS LAAAAAAAAA.. i was fucking pissed at myself... Why i'm so damn careless until i forgot to attend the classs!!! haih and damn disappointed to myself too.. T_T
None of my friends sms-ed me and asked me why i didn't go.. T.T.. but i forgive them lah.. now its just like 2nd month, cant expect them to do much lah.. so i go there and scold them (in a joking way of course) and said next time if i didn't go, MUST sms me a! T.T

Went to library during our 1 hour break. Didn't study at all there. Me and Ee Leng were chatting all the way, discussing about our classmates. LOL.. Quite fun~

Headed back home at 6 something. Bathed, and had our dinner~

Mine! ^^ dunno whats the name lah but its quite yummy~

My sister's! Muar taufu rice. okok nia... =P

After our dinner, she went to library to group study with her friends. While me, enjoying alone at home. ^^
But sadlyyyyyyyy i still have english essay to do.. sob... i'm really distracted lah.. cannot even focus on what i'm writting.. but still managed to finish it la.. hmm but not satisfying T.T..
Tomorrow teacher's gonna pick a few up and present outside.. so... i'll correct some la tmr morning.. lol... bah i hate english classes.. guess that's all for today..only a short update.. its stil, just a normal day of mine.. nothing special happened.. lol.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......
This friday going back to seremban! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
got 4 days holidays!Any idea how can i spend my holidays wisely and full of fun and without spending a cent? :D
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