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Posted Thursday, August 14, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Just came back from anime screening! Tiring, pain. lol

This morning nearly woke up late. class at 8, woke up at 730. the latest i've gone so far.
I don't really remember if i pressed the alarm or not. LOL.. yesterday sleep at 2 something ma..

Rushed to the bathroom to brush up, then wanted to eat breakfast, but found out the water boiler spoilt. wtf... its just not my day. lol.. since we've got no more time to make ourselves breakfast, we skipped it.. ( got really really hungry at 11 something T.T) and andddddd my fren is still angry at us.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. girls, troublesome. (except me )

Came back home after our lunch, and i slept from 2 something to 5 something. lol i forgot to set my alarm! =.='' and i woke up thanks to my housemate, she came in and whispered to my sister : stephanie still sleeping ar?! '' then i'm like : '' i heard that.... lol.. *wake up* ''

Took our bath, and ate maggi.. =.='' wanna save money ma.. but not nice wan.. my dinner wasted just like that............ T.T

Vivienne went for karaoke, and my sister and I went to go anime screening.

We watched ----

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch~

Quite nice la, but don't understand actually. lol.. must watch continously, we missed a few episodes sadly.. T.T

And this one!

Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu

LOL this one quite funny, but i don't like the way they draw.. so dark and erm.. jungle-ish..
i like Guu only. haha

thirdly. this!

i like the fumoffu!!! SUPER CUTE!!!!

last but not least, this!

Ouran High School Host Club! its something like hana kimi, but quite nice oso lar..
i LOVEEE the drawing. so sakura-ish! ^_^

Its almost 2nd month i'm here, and seriously, i havent found any bestie yet. there are many choices but there are still gaps between us..its either they knew each other at first, or secondary schoolmates, or their personalities suck. lol.. yes i'm choosy but i can accept mostly all types of friends, as long as they don't step beyond the border, its totally fine for me.. it makes me miss my secondary school life more.. T.T.. how i hope my foundation year ends faster!!!!! i hope ..
i really hope i can get more better friends next year... T_T......
tomorrow class at 10 am, can sleep until 9 am! ^^ its ok for me to go to class, i just wish to have more talktative and true friends.. haih
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