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Posted Monday, July 28, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
.Sometimes i really wonder, is college life really that fun? it should be yes when everything was not done last minute.
now its 2:01 AM, listening to jay chou's cai hong, ah its really very relaxing =) and makes me calm so that i can have the mood to continue my assignment..
still remember how eric suffered from his assignments,really pity him because i can still remember he told me that he's going to draw 300+ cards for his assignments, if i'm not mistaken, and he uploaded some pictures of him to friendster, and when i browse through, i saw one picture of him that shows how he suffered from his assignments..
lol.. he's lying down on the table, lips look so pale, eyes look so tired and with obvious eye bag..
omg thank god i'm not as busy as him..

Finally my PTPTN stuff is done! It really troubles me alot.. and today its finally done!
YATTA! this morning was forced to wake up at 7 o'clock.. yeah 7 o'clock.. back to those older school days huh? i have lots to upload and lots to update but seriously no time at all.. wanted to put some cute pictures that we saw in jonker street on sunday but no chance for me to do so.. even now i'm just squeezing some time and sacrificing my sleeping time to update this blog.. lol
sometimes i just feel like, a blog is really something, some space where you can type everything you want and everything you feel like expressing them out rather than keeping them all to yourself.. and after you scream them out, you'll feel damn relieved and happy..

Alex said i've changed.. i noticed nothing.. i just suddenly feel like.. why everytime our conversations ended up so emo? why i'm getting so frust over some small lil stuff? why am i getting so bad tempered over some strangers? why am i ranting non stop from this to that?
and now only i know, its all because of stress.. and yeah i'm gonna find a way to manage my stress ! argh! and i really wanna thank to those, ernest, alex, lim you kang.. lol.. seriously you made me realize my mistakes.. =)

Tell you guys what happened.. Just now we met him during our dinner.. i was like staring at him in the same old way, the fierce stare.. that's my friendly sign of saying hi.. lol XD.. but he got the wrong messages.. and i feel like.. i'm not bothered anymore to make the first move to say hi to some friends, not bothered anymore to care about what others think.. and when we're back at home, he messaged my sister and said : eh i think your sister really hate me alot right? i feel so scared....
and all these while i thought he was totally okay with my angry stare.. i was just playing with him! ok maybe i look too fierce, and i know that.. T.T got to shave all my eye brows off.. lol
so that i'll look innocent and nice to bully.. XD wtf.. ok lah sorry.. i'll change from now onwards.. try to accept more things, try to think maturedly, try to let go certain stuffs and so on..
to make my life easier.. =)
but then when i think back, things are not that easy.. stress doesn't just go away like that..
tonnes of stuffs are waiting for me.. i can even see their evil grins like they're gonna eat me up or drown me anytime.. T.T
first of all, ptptn stuff.. this thing really pissed all of us off.. we waited for the government servants for the ptptn briefing since 830 to 10.. wtf?! all of us were damn tired, we still have to pass up our assignment before 10, which we chose to take the risk to run from exam hall to ACR 4th floor just to pass up our assignment, and have to photostat, certify this and that. oh godddd..
busy until like.. 1245 pm gua.. then got to rush back ixora to take our books,, change clothes and get ready for our 1 pm class.. luckily we passed up our ptptn form.. everything's alright now.. T.T

secondly, my human development assignment.. deadline is this thursday.. and we still have lots to dooooooo!

thirdly, my english presentation.. T.T which is this wednesday! everyone have to dress up formally, and memorize our 2 and half minute speech in front of the class.. T.T.. sienzzzzz!

last but not least, this friday i'm having economics exam.. worse of all its my bday.. T_________T.. but then after all these, i'm having one week break lar.. ^^

sorry ernest, i cannot accompany you that much compared to last time.. i'm really damndamn damn damn damn damn damn busy nowadays..

julian, tomorow you're having test.. goodluck to you yah =) hope you tikam tikam oso correct lo.. =) and, get well soon! go see doctor if u're not feeling well.. no excuses..!

alex, thanks for lending me ur ears when i feel like ranting.. =) when my mood doesnt seem so good, bear with it.. lol.. im just too stressed.. :P

ah pan, oi u very wu liao la the chatbox thingy.. haha..but i miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu~!

thats all i guess, got to play some mini games first before i sleep.. ^^

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