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Posted Friday, July 04, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Currently singing - take a bow. XD


i hate to sleep on my thin mattress T.T it makes my back hurt! T.T..
and you know? mom bought the damn thin mattress with the same price as the thick mattress they're selling nearby the apartment.. T____T I WANNA CHANGE INTO A THICKER MATTRESS!! cuz really lah my back hurts everytime i wake up.. no joke!
today i got 8 o'clock classes le.. the earliest among my housemates! they're still sleeping damn nice lor in their cozy bed.. sigh.. and I? have to crawl up from my bed once my hp's alarm rang,luckily i put bye bye as my ringtone la if not i really dulan duwanna wake up.. haha..
and yesterday really damn funny. there's something i MUST share..! haha..
yesterday night while me and my sister were doing homework silently in our room, for the first time we're not listening to any music at all! no chit chats, the only thing you can hear is the fan..
suddenly we heard something scary.. creepy.. a girl ghost voice saying i'm just behind you~~~ in mandarine.. i so scared and slowly turn my head behind.. because i was saying, weird.. i don't have this kinda eerie ringtone in my phone, my sister oso dont have! so where does this stupid sound came from?! we turned our head over, and knew that sound came from the door! it did freak us out! and then eh? how come got legs below there? wtf surely they're fooling on us lar wei!
open the door immediately, saw my housemates laughing non stop.. walao wei damn naughty lar they all!!!! =.=''
then after that i went inside my room to continue.. open a pack of cookies, damn nice cookies ^^ and ate.. then went to my housemate's room and share with them.. ok everyone's there so lagi baik la.! =D.. haha then ended up laughing non stop in their room and totaly forgot about our homework.. XDXD i always thought peggy and yi si are quite lazy cuz they're such a hong kong dramas freak.. haha.. like me! so i thought they always spend time on their movies only la instead of doing their homework.. but no.. i was wrong! peggy finished her business maths question until problem 1.5! me? 0.6 only wei! T_________T! beh tahan .. somemore their handwritting so nice.. *see their handwritting.. O_O... See my own handwritting.. T_T*
peggy and yi si DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN funny one lar the way they speak.. never ever fails to amuse me.. hahahahahahahahahahha! i forgot what they said but seriously i laughed until i ran out of their room and laugh.. hahaha..
ok lets continue with today's schedule ^^

Morning i'm having econs... after that english... as usual la normal classes..
cuz today MMU got pc fair.. so i asked vivienne to come along with me.. waited her outside the library at 11 o'clock, and we went together!they sell alot of stuffs there la. got lappie, pendrive, memory card, speakers, cooler pad, lappie skins, lappie bags, headphones etc.. alot!!!!
i wanted to buy pendrive but no money T.T... vivienne saw the headphones damn cheap.. around 15 bucks only and she's tempted to buy.. at last she bought.. haha.. and its quite comfortable also la.. so we can skype ady next time.. ^^.. saw quite alot of cute stuffs wanted to buy but REALLY NO MONEY! so nahhhhh stop thinking of getting them.. i wanna get laptop skins! saw one damn cute one larrrrr... then hor, i showed her my ''leng lui'' hahahaha.. she's the prettiest in my class la.. then vivienne walked towards her and say hi.. =.='' they knew each other! haha
after the fair, we met up with my sister and walked to staffroom and pass up vivienne's assignment.. haha we can pass it up on monday! but no textbook lah.. how to do? sigh.. then we bought some soya beans for 1 bucks cuz they're having some stalls only selling soya drinks there.. quite nice but its damn filling! then went to sentral and get our tickets and come back seremban..
after that we went shopping! but not nice to shop at all....... those clothes.. haih.....
then around 5 o'clock we came back home... and hor just now mommy cooked dinner..
damn... nice.... lor..... T.T

some pictures i took in malacca.. ^^

yi si.. she damn damn damn skinnyyyyyyyy!

peggy.. damn damn damn damn damn funny and cuteeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! me likey!!!!! ^^

snapping pictures.. everyone of them!

bday girl.. si wei.. =)

hamster! notice the pink one? they dyed her fur!

my account lecturer.. she looks like meditating..LOL

bday girl again.. taken with SE.. i transferred it.. =)

things that caught my sister and I's attention, made us laughed non stop for 5 minutes
how you pronounce the slashed word? LOL

Awwwwwww ixora's night view.. see the bright cold silver moon? and seriously there really suitable for couples to paktor, especially at night.. :hehe:

games which i wasam addicted to! the burger game! damn nice lol i wan this game in my lappie too =D


bday girl singing songs

my housemates.. the left one right, sing songs damn nice lorrr.. @.@

all of us!!!!!

vivienne did this.. =.= she's damn creative in these hor? lol
brains transfering! =.=

during class.. wahahhhaha

nightview of my balcony.. that time damn romantic.. someone staying below , which is 17th floor, blow bubbles.. those bubbles flew up like those in romantic movies.. ah.......... damn...

haha neeed i say more?

thats all.. ^^
ja ne~!
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