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Posted Tuesday, June 03, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
T_T......... it has been a very unlucky day for me.. not in the morning, its in the afternoon...... sigh
I woke up early in the morning today =D reminds me of schooldays~ good old memories, eventhough we have to wake up 6 am everyday, we still enjoying every single day we have to hang out with our friends in school =).. and yesterday i forced myself to sleep before 3 am.. just because i have to wake up damn early this morning.. =.='' as usual, got no enough sleep. but i'll never have panda eyes! damn cool eh? :D
thank god there's still some Pao inside the fridge, only we can have our breakfast before its too late.. sister was driving there.. i refused to drive cuz i thought i can get some sleep inside the car before reaching city park.. and my sister drove quite slow.. yup i should drive slow too, can prevent some screamings and yellings from my mom haha.. when we nearly got there, it rains! wtf wtf..
so i thought today's jogging tak jadi ady.. so we went to krystal aka ah pan's house, and see how things go, if it rains then we just stay at her house and go jusco later.. and thank god it stops raining! all of us got no mood to go for jogging ady cuz it was 8 something and the sun was shining bright out there O_O.. and for the very first time i woke up 6 am in the morning to get some exercise. damn proud of myself. ^^ main reason is because can go jusco later LOL!
we greeted krystal's mom, and waited for awhile, and decided to go city park since the sky's clear and its perfectly fine for a jog! krystal drove us there, and phew.. we reached safely xD xD!
her mommy nagged her, but not as naggy as our mom. every mom nags huh? =P
and WOW! its so nice to jog there.. fresh airs, children and adults and some teenagers jogging around, playing in the park, and there's a big big pool.. damn nice.. and there is a bridge, krystal said it was meant for those couples to paktor in those hong kong classic dramas lol... yah kinda agree. and it reminds me of the ribena commercial wtf wtf. krystal sang the song XDDDDD!
jogged for few rounds, and saw alot of small kids running around exercising.. some even went for picnic! lol.. some playing footbal, some playing basketball etc..

the pool!

fishie!!! inside got turtles somemore..

jogged and then we finally got tired and sweat.. stopped by the park and play swing!!!!!!!!1
i like the swing cuz it was made for adults.. =P i guess.. or its made for kids just that i'm too short... -.-''''

swing higher and higher and higher!! XD

umm.. krystal said lake garden are for couples to paktor, cuz there got many wooden chairs and there's tress beside.. city park is for sports.. haha like that oso can worrrr...

got back to krystal's home at 9 something i guess.. her mom asked us to finish up the dumpling.. and the kaya ah, quite weird.. but it tastes quite good also la, and played with krystal's lappie.. and i guess its the same type as experience's wan... but the webcam not nice!!!
hmm.. webcam not nice oso good.. lol

then we changed, ni and pan changed together!!! O_O should bring a camera in..
then off we go! lol while we're on our way there, we saw someone look like ah fu. hahahah but that wasn't her. jz they look alike only..
we went and buy some stuff in momoe, haha cheap stuffs.... ^^.. and shopping here and there hunting for buffy's present.. we all headache lar when it comes to present.. haih!
and we went mph for some books.. nice place to kill ur free time.. no money cost, can sit down and enjoy books, gain knowledges! :D

i chose wow book! thought its gonna be interesting but no, its way too complicated for my level of understanding. hahaha.. too many words i don't know la, lothar is actually a guy's name! O_O
as i was reading, those WoW scenes flashed through my mind.. i played WoW before last time and quitted. cuz i don't like rpg games.. krystal read architecture books, sister read narnia.. -.-''

WoW book 1

so after i got bored of it, i changed book. and surprisingly found this!

HEROESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! and this chapter is about Hiro nakamura saving charlie, the sweet looking and good memory waitress. and it costs about 80 bucks wtf. its not that thick somemore. hmm.. but i did enjoy reading it! in fact, i was addicted to it. =P
didn't have the time to watch season two, and my line was tooooo slow to download *sigh*
it takes yearsssssssss laaaaaaa!

saw this bunch of kids in front of us. guess what are they busy discussing? ghost! wtf....
LOL damn cute lah, got pontianak, hantu tanpa kepala and so on. hahaha damn super cute.
when one mentioned about a type of ghost, other small kids will look up at her scary face and shout '' EEEEEEEEEEE!'' XDXD

At about 12 pm, all of us complained hungry. so we left mph and head towards food section!
chose KFC cuz its cheap. we got to go jusco again tmr.. -.-' this time with diff people thou..
normal meal so not going to blog about it. quite cheap! and its filling. ^^
LOL we talked about vomiting during our meal. hahahahahahah damn disgusting..
after our meal, its time for us to buy buffy's present. -___-'' no more procrastinating, no more distracting to other stuffs. and we bought those name strap again! lol.. 1 bead was a small lil yellow flower, 2nd bead to 6th bead was her name buffy, her nick name to be precise. only we can call her that ^^.. then the 7th bead was a small lil yellow flower again, last bead was a flower!
it looks sooooooooooooo nice! hope she's gonna like it... =)

something INCREDIBLE happened. krystal's kfc meal was 10 bucks, she paid 10 bucks to the cashier. the cashier returned her 20 bucks wtf? XD

and my legs pain pain :(..... dai sei cuz i din warm up lor..... :( someone massage me pls

ah pan.... this sofa looks familiar? hahahahahahaah!

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