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Posted Friday, June 20, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
haha no la, i'm away from internet for like one week oni.. got damn alot of things to write lah!!!!
i even brought some books with me to write diary in it.. hahaha..

now playing - sorry - buckcherry.. first time i blog with music.. haha i dont actually used to it but today exceptional la =P.. cuz whenever i listen to some songs right, my mind cant think cuz i'm singing at the same time =.=''''

i tried to blog about my uni life few times and always ended up pressing the '' X '' button.. xD!
cuz its very troublesome to upload those pictures into my computer and upload in this bloggy..
and now my finger damn tired dunno why...doesnt feel like typing much but i'll force myself to do so.. xD..

there are few things i'd like to touch in this post about my life there.. and if you're interested, just read lah. if not interested oso, plz read.. XDXD no la you can always leave.. =P

first of all, talk about my classes! i got my time table ady..
Monday till wednesday, my class will start from 12 to 6.. .. got break in between la OF COURSE..
i'm taking 5 subjects, English, accounts, econs, business maths, which is something like add maths lah.. thank god lol.. last but not least, human development..like bio.. yay~! XD
i still don't like the fact that i'm no longer studying science subjects.. i'm so used to science subjects since secondary and if suddenly you say no more science subjects for me im not used to it.. lol.. and nid to buy those books.. soooooooo damn thick! especially the human development book.. thank god i took account, so i'll face less problem than those who didnt take account.. ^_^
but econs leh........ T.T... never mind.. just pay attention in class can ady..i'm sitting at the front roll and its like fixed.. xD so the guys will never get the chance to sit at the front roll =P
but my class's guys oso din sit at the front roll wan all choose back rolls.. while my sister's class, the boys ALWAYS go early for front rolls.. weird huh? and there's main difference between my classmates and her classmates.. she's taking foundation in engineering.. there are only 4 girls in her class,, XD and MANY girls in mine.. got 2 leng lui somemore T.T.. leng zai? hmmmm....
i think i saw one from group 5.. hahahahahahah... those japanese type! woooooooo~!
and in my group got 1 la, he's not actually that leng zai but he's counted as the best looking one in my class lor.. my class rep also cute =P.. my sister's class ah, erm let me think. only 1 cute guy i think. damn skinny one~ OMG!!! yah he got a pair of cute eyes~! and i saw nazrin in mmu! OMGWTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! i used to like him since i was in s2.. so i saw him oso i O_O WTF?!
haha.. but he's still the same, dunno whether he recognised me or not.. so basically business maths is like add maths, hahah i can decorate my calculator with fancy stickers liao.. lol..
english, like ENGLISH LA wtf.. hhahaha.. human development, somehow its related to psychology! damn interesting la i likey that course.. XD.. i read the damn thick book and find it really interesting! like reading those science magazines.. hmm got to photostat the whole book.. if buy, expensive lah....

now talk about the girls and guys in mmu. hahaha interesting part.. mmu ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of leng luis lor.. if you say '' where got? '' then its non of my business cuz to me, there are ALOT! one day at least i'll see one leng lui ady.. everyday while i was waiting for the lift, i saw omg here leng lui, omg there leng lui.. wtffffffff!
leng zai ah? i don't know whether got or not.. lol.. saw some but non really caught my eyes.. and non make me feels like.. OMG DAMN LENG ZAI! no no no .. =.='' ah i wanna meet some la~ ^^

regarding the food there, WHO SAY MALACCA ALOT OF NICE FOOD WAN STAND UP!!!
the food court there.. close shop at 8 wtf... then down there the mamak, their maggi so damn salty.... then other place, its either its expensive or not so nice.. haih...... never mind, DIET!!!!!!
sometimes morning i dont have mood i just ate an apple and done.. still it can last quite long O_O.. but the food quite cheap la, thank god.. we ate the breakfast meal today.. haha.. cuz we saw other people eating it like quite nice, so we wanna try on our own too XD.. and still okok lah.. not too bad lo.. why cant i have nice sausages everytime i eat?!?!?!?!!? haihhhhhhhh....... no i not yet try satay celup

ok, my house mates turn.. wahahahah.. staying opposite my room one, one if from perak, one is from bahau.. and i dunno where bahau is.. omg my geography really........ X_X.. the perak girl, DAMN SUPER hardworking.. know why? she study until 1 soemthing one waaa.. walao!! i sleep at 11 like that ady.. hahaahah.. and today morning she study until 3 30.. so i was like wondering what is she studying until she can stay up so late to study le? teacher not yet really start teaching wor, and exam is still so far from now.. then she say she's studying those notes given by teachers wor.. walao weh damn damn damn hardworking.. nid anot?!?!?! =.='' if i'm her roommate i sure beh tahan.. XD.. i don't like people so hardworking cuz if i'm lazy i'll be damn guilty wan.. hahaha
then the other room , 2 girls were from segamat..they're damn super frenly and cute lah.. haha
i love hanging out with them.. then the last room.. 2 girls from johor.. and they're 20 ady! walao scared me.. XD.. i thought they same age as us, no wonder they look more matured lo.. one matured one cute.. wakakakak.. they finished their stpm and doing their degree ady..
my house really damn clean la.. haha.. my frens keep on complaining about their boy friends house, like damn messy la and smelly too =.='' yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. lol

ok lah i think thats all, quite lazy to blog now.. hahahaha =P
see ya! ;)
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