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Posted Tuesday, May 06, 2008 // 3 comments (+)
Time to update my blog!

Wanted to dota with Moh after i had my yummylicious lunch breakfast.. but then suddenly my cousin gave me a call saying that she's sending her laptop to my house and ask me to install msn for her.. that's really troublesome to download the latest version!

And hey... now only i realize... that... i don't haf to pull the streamyx line from my computer to her computer.. cuz all i need is just to install the windows live right? so what for i need to online?!
OMG now only i suddenly realised... wtf la -.-'''''

Then she asked me to sign in and see whether her webcam functioning well or not.. so i just sign in mine, and randomly choose someone to test the webcam see whether they can view me or not..
i chose lern sing.. but he busy there.. -.-'' then later on ah pan online and i ask her to see each other's webcam..
woah my cousin's laptop's webcam is way better than hers! hers is dell i think.. if i'm not mistaken.. my cousin's acer.. and we're like keep on laughing when we saw each other on msn..
cuz her webcam have alot of stupid effects lah.. then i took my handphone up and she started posing on msn.. LOL damn funny..

see what she posed...the sunflower pose! LOL!

i was playing with the laptop here, and my brother was playing dota with AI over there.. syok sendiri.. lol.. and my sister was watching tv...

after i'm done with what i suppose to do, i return the laptop to her.. my aunt come and collect it.. but i forgot to give her back her bag.. -.-''''

ernest lost his wallet.. aihhhh y u so careless wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go and find it out le... find those possible places.... ok??!???!?!

and today we're just too bored at home.. so we go online and check our form 6 status.. XD
all kena! LOL... very lame la 3 of us.....zzzzzz.. and the piano tuned ady.. so i can play piano back!
lol today played croation rhapsody then duwan play ady.. lol =P
i really wish i have a brand new piano... should be feeling good when i'm running my fingers on it.. ^^..

my fringe is kinda long ady... cut or stay?

and someone doesnt noe what is a cupboard. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
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