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Posted Saturday, May 10, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Yesterday night ah really ah.... aih.......................................

Today morning woke up at 11 something, sister suddenly told me amelia is coming to fetch us at 11:30.. ya ya ya.. i love to do everything last minute wan. XD..
The breakfast sucks.. T_T i only ate few mouth of the food and then left ady..
Lol and we saw Amelia in the roundabout there.. Woah long time never see her! She's just as usual, pretty, erm.. laugh until her mouth very wide wan.. LOL.. and damn skinny eh.. and very playful lah.. lol... Ah hann msged me and called me but unfortunately my phone was off cuz i was still sleeping.. lol... =P
Amelia's grandma was like driving thru the different path.. All of us were like huh where r u going?
then she said you all going jusco right? yala! lol.. amelia said : how come you always love to walk those weird road wan? grandma : .....


Met up with Ah hann in jusco.. that poor lil girl waited for us outside since 11! OMG! so sorry..
Then Hau called us and said she arrived.. we hide in one place and i don't know why she found us? woman's six sense - don't ever mess with it man. =P
Time for lunch. we wanted to go sushi king for lunch.. Cuz damn long time never ate sushi ady. but there so small, seats are very limited.. so we just go to the opposite and had our lunch..
and i didn't know its so delicious! =D
Me and my sister ordered Coconut paradise. some weird weird drinks la.. Amelia and hann ordered Mother of Pearl.. Hau ordered jasmine tea paradise..
Then the waiter brought coconut paradize to our table first. Amelia and Hann don't know what kinda drink is that, and asked the waiter. but that waiter didn't say clearly. so they thought its their drinks. and they happily sipped the drink.. and from their funny expression, we know it tastes sucks. LOL.. we keep on teasing their bad taste and so on la, and say 4 bucks somemore. XD.. then when the Mother of pearl came, we thought its our coconut paradize. but the other waiter said its mother of pearl. we're like ZHADOU!! lol mixed up ady our drinks. XD
oh shit now hann and amelia teased us back. :(

Dis is ah hau's jasmine tea. not nice wan. =P it seriously look like a beer! with those bubbles too..

Han drank wrongly, that was our drink actually. and she thought its hers.

See she still can post happily XD

Dis is the mother of pearl.. not ours, but ah han and amelia's

My sister still dunno XDXD

Ahahahahahah we're laughing like mad!!! LOL.. Then our food came, yummy! nice but very expensive T_T... mom scolded us T_T.. lolz..
then we chit chatted alot.. mostly on religion stuff.. wahhhhh amelia said hor, she's the Delta group ketua le.. so pro! ^^
We talked about vegetarian, christian, buddhist, foods, meats, islam, africa, poor issue, -.-''
we can talk bout anything.. lol.. and talked about our ambition too! LOL we can linked our ambitions together and can talk alot of craps.. hahahaha nice to hang out with them la....
too bad joyce, pan and fu not around.. if not, lagi nice.. XD
they made us suddenly realize that being a vegetarian is very good le.. its like not killing innocent animals and so on.. hmmm.........

After that we go and shopped for mother's day's present.. went to watson and searched for cosmetics.. wanna buy eye shadow but none suits my mom i guess.. too colorful liao =P..
wanna buy lipsticks for her too.. but dunno which color nice.. and we're so nub in buying lipsticks so ended up we go the body shop and search for perfumes! woah.. very nice le i also wanna buy..
but one small bottle costs 50 bucks T_T... next time only buy ba.. *hearbreak*

Amelia and Hann suggested to go Terminal. and sadly ah hann has to go back to her hometown ady. she's always the earliest to go back! hmph..
so we sat ah hann's car and went terminal. lol...
Reached there, we shopped for our handbags.. but cannot find nice ones.. and those selling in T1, not common then must be lala ady. ARGH where to buy handbags?! i wanna buy online but ummm mommy...................lol.. amelia chose one.. and gah why she so fast can get wan! aiyoyo..
she also wanna do the name strips.. hmm i feel like doing it for someone special..
then we went to watson and bought those eye shadow and lipsticks.. cost us 50 bucks T_T but i'm gonna claim back from daddy. =P.. i wanna buy eye liner so that i can try also ma.. ^^ but not enough money so forget about it... lol...
mom scold to bath ady T_T..

and tomorow is mother's day! :D
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