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Posted Saturday, May 03, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Lately i don't feel motivated to blog. Don't know why. =P
So today i went out with my friends to jusco. this time not going there for any movies. sigh...
went there with my besties ah pan and my ah lui joyce..
Ah pan 's having her 3 months holidays and it just started and she start complaining its boring ady.. XD.. joyce weekend have break so she can join us.. =)
sad that ah hann cannot join.. never mind...

Parents said i most probably going MMU.. cuz they saw the JPA scholarship in the newspaper saying that whoever got 9 As and above, will be given scholarship. good news huh?
as long as my studies are free, i'll go!!! XD

I drove to jusco.. and my skills getting better.. * i guess lah =P*.. and i love to drive!
reached there, we saw a green truck.. with wu zhun's picture on it.. and we don't know what the hell is that, we ignored the green truck and the people around it.. XD.. its some green box promotion..

so we go in and meet up with ah pan..
went for lunch in pizza hut.. cuz of the nice aroma.. XD... and we have to sit in some very very isolated place le.. T.T
we ordered our stuffs and enjoy our food really much.. food that will not missed out when i'm going for pizza!


you must order this when you go pizza hut okay!
many layers of cheese just melt inside your mouth~! AWWWWWWWWWWWW!

When i'm chatting + eating with my friends, suddenly ah pan was like asking me to look on my right.. and she mumbled something.. i cant hear clearly.. and so i just simply look on the right..
and to my fucking surprise, i saw a clown.. he walked towards me.. and i got so freaked out and yelled in the shopping complex.. LOL! its really terrifying to see a clown lah!!!!! its not funny and its not entertaining its horrible!!!! and he made me spilt my pepsi.................................... -.-''
then my friends are like laughing like hell la.. including my sister.. -.-'' my handphone fall on the floor again.. damn.. and the pepsi spilt on the plate.. luckily i finished my pizza.. and ah pan asked, eh just now that clown come here for what? my sister shrugged and say maybe he wana give the balloon gua.. then i heard him saying ''woops'' after seeing my scared reaction.. XD
and he ran away... lol.. i just hate clowns. i hate their colorfull faces, their potato nose, their sausage reddish mouth...

then we went to mph to read books.. -.-''' hardworking lehhhhhhhhhhhhh
i read the books from the author : ps i love you.. i remember qing zhe recommend me yesterday... so i just take and read.. plus the cover of the book damn girlish and nice!
so i just find a place to sit down.. and then later joyce, sis and ah pan joined.. and i saw the chai hua zhong walking in mph and sit down near us too.. why is he here.. grrr....
we're like discussing what to do in our next meeting, go karaoke or what, din really study..
90% of the time we're chit chatting there.. XD
until i got bored, i walked around and read some magazines.. ashley simpson really hot!
and britney is getting more aunty like.. aihz... and my sister ran to me and say wtf the chai hua zong say hi to me.. XD i went XD XD XD XD all the way when she told me that..
dai sei hahahahhahhahaahhhahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

we wanted to play bowling, but then gave up ady.. -.-''
i forgot whats the reason.. so we went to the arcade..lol.. its not the first time, but its the first time i play those games.. first we played the basketball.. joyce started first lar.

damn fun lar this game.. i oso got play!!!
then i saw this cute lil guy playing.. his daddy was carrying him to the thing.. then lift him up.. XD
damn cute la

hyperactive boy.. haha
then we go and play daytona!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz thats the only can where 3 of us can play together..
muahhahahahah.. and guess what, i saw a friend le.. online wan.. i can recognise his face. but i dunno he can recognize mine anot.. XD.. cuz i view his profile before ma.. i think he noe its me la.. jz both of us din chat. so i go play daytona.. and he was just sitting beside me.. argh damn awkward la.. XD.. i won my sister, but lose to joyce.. :(
joyce pro pro.. hahaha...

after that we went home ...

cute leh?


hmm i'm wondering hows eXP's exam.... goodluck! =D
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