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Posted Monday, May 05, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Form 6 going to start ady next week. OMG when our MMU starts ar.. even the offering letter also not yet receive. damn it.. hopefully we really going there lar. i don't wanna think going where ady..

If you have the chance, please do watch hana kimi japanese version. The girl looks way better than the taiwan version. looks so cute and leng zai! but the wu zhun still wins the japanese version one..
too bad huh? here's it

the middle one.. damn ''leng zai'' right?! i'll go less for her..

cuz i'm too bored so i have no other options but to watch drama online.. T.T

today morning my cousin called.. and asked when i can go to her house and help her with her computer stuff.. i'm not a pro but she's a newbie so at least i can help her out abit. =P

firstly, i drove to the jpj there and fetch my siblings to do their P license. Yeah 3 of us passed ^.^ ..well my skill of parking isnt that bad.. just some screamings and yellings and some scoldings from my mom thats all... =) lol.. i've wasted 15 minutes or more on the parking and at last my mom cant take it anymore that she asked me to get out of the car and she parked herself.
that hurts... T.T.. lol...

then my brother fetched us back.. as sooon as he got his license done he wanna drive ady..
moreoever, tomorow there are 5 people carpooling him.. and keep my fingers crossed that nothings gonna happen tomorrow... ah damn..

Lol.. My cousin, i told you she's newbie to computer right,.. her hubby bought an Acer laptop for 3.8k.. and when her friend told her unintentionally that it only costs 2.6k, she really got damn fed up and went to the dealer and scold the hell out of him.. and to her surprise, that guy actually refund back all the money for her. not 3.8k, but 4k WTF!
she sounds damn happy..

when i was helping her to install the windows live messenger, the cutie baby woke up!..
his mother carried him to me and he cant recognise me liao.. -.-'' after awhile when i took his bolster from him and play with him only he laugh.. hahaha. damn cute! i oso wanna have a baby liao... but no sperms.. lolz....

the windows live really making me headache.. and the line there is quite slow..
she took the juicy and sweet watermelon for me.. so refreshing le!

LOL..... eXP now only realize that his food.... expired longgggg ago... no wonder lar you always stomachache lar!!!!!!!!!! dai sei =P
take care of yourself lar.. hmph..if not no naughty stuffs! LOL.. btw, did i say naughty stuffs.. related to bed? hahahahahahahhahahaahaahhahaah

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