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Posted Sunday, May 11, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Its late enough hor.. 11:48pm.. and i guess that's my day gua, so i can start blogging ady. =P

Today is mother's day. how you guys celebrate? go out and eat ah?
I thought today we can go out and celebrate one.. but then mommy cook ady.. T_T.. never mind, she's in the cooking mood this evening. so our dinner's gonna be GREAT! ^.^

Ah Pan scolded me for not going to church. yup i feel damn guilty too. and i duwanna just go to church when i'm having some problem or when i need guidance only. so i decided to wake up early this morning and go to church. :D... and i woke up automatically eh.. haha.. cuz too hot ady..
so my sister should be glad that i wake up so fast. =P

Dad parked his car inside the Agape church parking slot. wow changed so much! last time don't have this parking slot one eh. hmm.. went inside, ushers greeted us. ah they cheerful smiles made our day.. :D.. then we got outselves seated, and sing songs.. got one song i know how to sing! and i really love to sing eh.. i really wish to join band when i enter uni.. but where got so good let me sing la? lol.. so never mind la.. i'll just go to karaoke and sing for fun enough.. T_T
After we sing, pastor invited all the moms out and asked us to greet them happy mother's day.
they got a small gifts too. half of the people attented the service are moms! lol.. so many..
oh yeah, saw Pn Ooi too.. Pastor talked for like 2 hours +.. and during that, i got toooooo sleepy and my eyes keep on closing but i'm forcing them open.. T_T.. my sister too..
sorry lah.. really abit sleepy ma.. but then ok ady! lol.. yeah everytime i go church i'll feel so holy and suddenly full of holy spirit.. XD..

came back, and played computer awhile.. alex lah keep on dc dc dc.. i was like.. hi alex..
then oi alex.. then woi horny alex! he oso no reaction wo.. lol.... so i gave up and off the msn and go up change myself.. probably let other people play lah since i got nothing to do also..
once i got upstairs, i saw my dad lying on the bed.. sleeping.. then i oso feel sleepy.. lol
i go and hug my cute teddy. and hug my bolster.. stil wearing jeans and slept on the bed.. lol..
was too.. super.. damn tired man.. and surprisingly i still can dream! wtf.. lol
you guys know what i dreamt?
i'm not hamsap or what ar.. i dreamt, i disguise as a guy and enter those guys show..those taiwanese boys show la.. all guys only.. then erm.. we're having some camp or something.. then have to bath together.. ( NO details of bathing together of course. ahemmm...) then my brain was like saying : stephanie go change lah time to have lunch ady.. then my body was like : sorry lah too tired le... *doze off* XDXD... in THAT short period also i can dream wtf...

after that i finally got up, go and wash my face and change into normal attire.. went down and had my lunch.. no appetite lah.. so just ate very little.. and sister was playing computer..
so i just go and watch tv with mommy.. oh yeah! i greeeted her this morning le..
this morning once i got up from bed, i go downstairs into the kitchen and say happy mothers day.. ha ha... -.-'' then mom was like O_O mother's day is when ah? yesterday or today?
i thought it was yesterday? wah.. if yesterday, and we did not greet her happy mother's day, then she sure very sad lo??

Anywayyyyyyyy i'm going to kedah this 25th of may.. YAYYYYYYYYY! can go somewhere far far... XDXD... cuz my aunty's son is having some wedding dinner... ^________________^
damn happy lor.. i thought tonight we're going out and eat one.. then i was expecting my mom not to cook.. but then i heard some voices that she's washing some fish or something inside the kitchen.. my heart suddenly T_T..... hopeless liao....
never mind.. tomorow.. i think got go out eat one..

Watched fate stay night just now.. nice!! ^^ i watched until epi 6 ady.. yala i know very slow =P
and eXP like the saber ma.. haha.. yup she's a hottie! gonna continue watching that after i finished updating my bloggy.. :D... how come all my friends got exam one recently?
first julian, then eXP, then caleb, then wick kee, then somemore who i'm not sure ady.. XD
all also say : eh gtg study.. got exam... T_T left me alone~~~~~~~~~~~~~lolz

so yeah tomorow those form 6 people going to start their school life ady.. SIGHHHHHHHHH
we're the slowest among them all! our classes start at june! wtfffff .. but still can enjoy.. ^^
kunimi joined form 6.. eventhough he's going utar.. lol.. like that also can.. so i guess that's all for today..

and oh, last but not least.. this is the present we gave to our mom..
mom, happy mother's day!

ernest, where u?!
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