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Posted Wednesday, May 07, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Since im damnnnnn sien now, and dont feel like dotaing -.-'' i just update my blog lah :D

1030 - i heard someone calling : '' jie... cousin is on the phone.. do u wanna talk to her? she ask why her internet cannot connect wor...

me : (half angry half sleepy) har? y cannot connect?

my sister : u wanna talk to her or continue sleeping?

me : continue sleeping...

my sister : ok lo.. den i tell her u sleeping later oni call back

few minutes later.........

sister : eh jie.. she's comin to fetch u now... so faster wake up!!

me : ha......oh......... ok...........* crawl lazily from my cozy bed*

-.-'' and i went to her house, i even BROUGHT my breakfast there. -.-'' and the only problem is hor... she din connect her lan network.. so cannot connect streamyx..... i zha dou...
hahaha.. but never mind la at least i haf some reason for myself to wake up early.. if not i'll continue sleeping until 12 or 1 something one.. damn scary..

the baby crying le.. and wanna sleep liao.. i go out from the computer room and i saw him straight away sleeping on the mattress.. LOL check this out


then she took a cheese out and ask me to try it... different cheeseee.. and as long as its nice, i'll love it! muah!

then, go back home! the baby boy is sick le.......... =((((

come back, sister still onlining. so i entertain myself lor.. watch tv..

then i online, saw eXP onlining too.. :D.. then i ask him to send some voice clips to me.. wahahahahah
and asked caleb to send one voice clip to me too.. wahahahahahah.. -.-'' and caleb, you perasan sangat!! =P

was practicing piano today.. and tried on other nice songs that i used to play last time.
wow my skill hasnt gone THAT bad yet. =P.. so just now, sum asked me to send him some songs. then i suddenly go back to My Received files there and search for the song he wants, then i saw Hugh Grant's Don't write my off. so i youtube it, and wanna hear him sing while playing piano, at least it feels way better than just listen to wmp. its really touching and u guys can really download it and try it out urself.. i remember i hear liao i emo abit.. -.-''
so that makes me wanna try out playing myself too. and i found the music sheet! muahahaha!
now i got way back into love music sheet, and umm don't write me off etc. damn so happy lar..
but the sad thing is the printer very slow.... zzzz... and bcuz of this i bathed at 10.. -.-''

something bad happened.... T_T...............eXP ar.. hp no credit cannot sms u.. sorry
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