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Posted Saturday, May 17, 2008 // 1 comments (+)
Yesterday went out to jusco with friends, to celebrate joyce's birthday. spent damn alot on her la. cake lah, present la. omggggg... everyone has been complaining lol.. but ok la last year we celebrate together ady..(i think)..

went there early in the morning, asked ah hau to come and fetch us cuz we don't have transport..
we talked about leng lui lengzai in the car.. -.-'' and her parents are quite open minded.. they don't mind about all these topics.. good lo i don't even dare to say the word lengzai in front of my parents.. -.-'' scared they think dat i'm gila lelaki.. wtf.. -.-''

here's joyce's present.. its a bible.. joyce suddenly become super holy and they guess bible suits her. but if i were to buy present, i'd rather buy nike or adidas stuff for her la cuz she like those..

this is her present. ( last year)

we went quite early, others not yet come.. so we go and visit vivienne cuz she's working there, talked to her and said wanna go arcade play some games.. and she said she's bored so she locked the stall and accompany us play those games. lol.. like that also can ah..
play basketball shooter again.. then others arrived, we play bowling! my first time playing bowling. damn excited. at first sure feel very shy la this and that la cuz never play before..
but once you play, you'll get addicted.. =P.. and its just 3 bucks, for 5 of us! somemore the shoes no nid money wan. cuz the worker there know vivienne.. so he doesnt wanna charge us for the shoes.. guess he like vivienne gua.. lol that's kinda obvious.. its DAMN cheap and quite fun too! ^^ i wanna play again next time!!! MUST MUST MUST!

with all those stupid names.

seriously damn fun wei! wanna try again next time.. hehehehehe
all of us enjoyed ourselves. ^^
we had our lunch in pizza hut again.. lol cuz joyce and jim have the voucher..
hau and mandy pretend that they're going toilet, but actually they're buying cake for joyce.
they asked us to go vivienne there and take her present but that time joyce folllowing us. so cannot take.. lol

she duwanna let me take her photos.. xD

AVIN! he looks older

her cake.. chocolate mud cake. yummy!

making some wishes,

blow candles..

cut the cake!

what's ah hann staring at?

lasagna! ^___^

mandy said she saw thannya.. the most quiet girl in 5S, and my friends love to bully her wan. ahaha. then i suddenly saw her walking out from kfc.. so we asked her to come here.. mandy bully her again. waahahahah
they're mean laaaa.. lol

then we watched narnia! prince caspian..
okok la.. lol... played something, drank something and went back home...
at night something bad happenend.. aih...............
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