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Posted Friday, May 09, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
SO long never update my blog. -.- paiseh..

Lazy and not motivated to blog la thats why. =P
rather spend my time watching anime in youtube than updating my blog. aih...

Yesterday sister told me michael came back from NS ady. i was like woooo long time din chat with him! then after she finish using the computer, i do some house chores.. ( damn long time never do and suddenly feel guilty about it).. and then start playing computer..
guess when i woke up yesterday? 1pm! lol =P getting later.. aih.. so i have to skip my breakfast lah.. wat time ady still breakfast.. lol.. but then mommy said she's not buying lunch for us.. =.=''
have to eat ourselves again. and everytime when such things happened, we just cook ourselves maggi or just have some bread and our lunch done.
we ate the bread with egg! yummeh.. wanted to have mushroom soup but sister lor..
suddenly mixed up with the mushroom soup and chicken soup.. ended up we all drank chicken soup.. yucks! -.-'

Yeah, this morning i had a very very bad nightmare.. i dreamt i kena scold by my dad and then i was actually innocent in that case and then ended up i cried when i woke up.. lol..
and then i saw my pink cute lil teddy lying beside me.. then happy liao... she's REALLY my happy pills la.. ^^
i on the phone, and ernest said : i have something to tell you..
from that statement, i know its gonna be something related to us.. and most probably his reply will go like : i found a new target... but he ended up saying i wanna go meet up with my NS friends.. -.-'' he told me he kinda like a girl in the camp.. and she's very playful and so on.. so...
hope he's correct lah.. my heart actually ached a lil bit when i hear bout that.. but i cant do a thing right.. its MY decision to break, and its MY decision that i want us to move on.. and stop thinking about relationship stuffs... so i cannot blame anyone.. =)..

Caleb recommended my some anime, since i kept on asking him how come guys love to watch anime so much.. and also ah pan.. =P.. and his mood turned out quite bad today.. -.-
wrong day to kacau him...... -.- sorry...
and due to the ultimate boredom, i really go youtube lor and check out those animes..
cant believe i'm watching anime.. i anti anime one le all this while.. XD...
then i watch the Fate Stay Night first episode part 1/3. and walao.. sienzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!
reminds me of ah pan when i watch these kinda animes.. XD.. but never mind.. since those animes are short, i just buffer 3 episodes and go up sleep.. XD

it was 5:30pm that time.. and it has been a habit for me to AT LEAST lie down on my bed for a few minutes before 6 pm arrives and i have to go exercise.. XDXD.. oh yeah.. today jessy showed me few links about those girls bloggy.. and yalor i got damn jealous with them le!
man those woman lives.. so niceeeee! with all those make ups la, go picnic lah...
gather around with those girl friends lah, laugh and jokes around la.. DAMN! why cant i have these nice stuffs?!

and worse come to worse, vivienne told me she found a place to stay with her friendS ady..
i really a lil bit upset that time, thought she's the only friend i have when i'm going to uni, at least someone i already knew for quite some time.. and suddenly she said she found a place to stay and just to inform me.. well.. i know i can make new friends there but really a lil bit sad lor when she said she going MMU with her PD friends.. sigh.. never mind, sista, we can live on our own!LOL..

oh yeah lets come back to the exercise topic.. i lie on the bed at 5:45pm.. damn proud and happy that i still can sleep for 15 minutes la.. what i pig i am.. -.-'' then i hug my teddy and bolster and really go deeeeeep into my sleep.. XD.. then i heard some noises.. it was my mom! i look at the phone and oh damn its 6:15 ady! gotta start exercising lose weight!!!!!!11 WAGHHHHHHHHH!!!
normally after 6 pm, and i still not yet start exercising, i dont have the mood to do ady wan..
haha.. but dunno why today i feel so enthusiastic to exercise! LOL! and kinda proud of myself..
at least i did not find any lame excuses to escape from exercising... ^^ one big leap towards healthy lifestyle!

Those animes, which i don't really have so high expectations from them, turned out to be really GOOD! first, fate stay night.. imma girl, i dont like those fighting fighting scenes wan fyi.. but i find that very nice.. cuz of those mysterious lil boy being discovered as the 7th sorcerer.. am i right? -.-'' yeah mysterious storyline... attracts me lah.. =P
then i go and search for lucky star kagami.. i remember i heard those cute voices from alex's cards videos.. so i go watch and try whether its nice or not.. and hahahahahhahaahahh
really damnnnnnn cute lah weiiiiiiiiii!!!! no wonder alex and his frenz so in love with it ler.. XDXD.. i'm a girl oso i feel they're extremely kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... XD

Tomorow i'm going out with my friends! yatta! no nid to stay at home so sien liao.. ^^

erm.. i feel very happy to see whats in ur blog =P lalalalalalalal
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