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Posted Thursday, May 29, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Went out to night market with Amelia. she drove us there too. auto, easy la =P
she claimed that she's more stressed when we're sitting in her car. hahaahha..
and it has been LONGGGGGGGGGG since i last visited night market.. miss it lah T_T
4 of us going. amelia, me, my sister and rachel.. amelia go there hunt for food only. we wanna buy something la. cheap ma.. but nothing suits us =.=''
wanted to buy the bag but rachel said its toooo big. yeah its tooo big but its really nice le :(
we ate dinner at home ady, so we no nid to spend extra money on food lah
but then we reached one stall, selling china hamburger. that's a new stall and so we try lo..
what attracts us most is the egg. they put egg in. but then its not nice wan.. so salty yuckkkk....
then we bought some crunchy cake.. its quite nice.. i ordered chocolate one, (as usual ) =P
cuz my sister and I love chocolate, amelia always went there and almost tried all the flavour..
and she bought 3 pieces la wtffffff! she eat so much but never get fat wan. life's unfair.
and the one selling is my cousin's cousin.. hmm.. lol.. they put in chocolate inside, but got mayonnaise =.='' taste too weird with it la.. better don't add next time.. maybe they can charge us cheaper without the mayonnaise too. =P

so this is it, when you go pasar malam just buy some random food to eat la.. quite fun too =)

my sister's face straight away went wrong once she tasted the mayonnaise. LOL

after that we met shaun, rachel's brother. she keep on buggin him to buy her taiwan hotdog.
T_T... my eldest brother........i never bug him to do this do that for me..... T_T.............

it makes no difference whether i have a brother or not la wtf..
but i did bug my 2nd brother to do things for me sometimes . =P

then we went and buy the drinks, where u can always get in pasar malam one ar.
i dunno what you call that as.. erm sweet and sour wan.. ok ok nia.. last time one nicer..
then shaun bought her sister taiwan hotdogs.. yummy! its really nice.. xD..
and he bought himself super hot chilli taiwan hotdogs.. and his lips swell.. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
tears flowing down somemore. hahahaha see la dai sei now =P
amelia ate lok lok.. its quite expensive la and we're quite full so we go and shop ourself. thats when i saw the nice bag.... quite cheap but too big ady...... =( damn i feel like going back to pasar malam and buy it now. lol.. who cares if its big or wat?! i can hardly find something i like le........

then we met yewyew.. OMGGGGGGGGGG he's carrying a super duper cute chubby baby!!!
all of us went crazy lah.. the baby super duper cute and caught all our attentions. xD
chubby cheeks........muacks!!! xDXD...
and hor, i carry him.. he never cry!!! lol... toooooooooo cute liao... gonna dream bout him later. LOL

he was reaching for my phone. lol

super duper cute!!!

then we got back home. rachel bought apples. lol...
we went to rachel's house. =D
then rachel play piano, we sing songs.. george playing dota, her mom msn-ing.. xD
and her mother's name also stephanie =.='''
really had alot of fun there.. love to hang out with rachel and her family.. ^^
somemore she know how to play guitar wtf. i oso must learn! lol..
okay, see you guys tomorow and goodnight. =)
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