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Posted Sunday, May 25, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
My 200th post! nid some celebration =P and i don't spam post like someone someone.. hrmm
MIA for 2 days, actually 3 wan.. wanted to go penang wan.. but my brother lo start matrics tomorow ady. the news is like so sudden and he has to go liao, but its damn near to our house la and can come back home every weekend and its free so just go lo.. so now 3 of us separate ady.
my brother went matrics, although my sister and i still going mmu, we're taking different courses, BUT still saying together. haih!

i went kedah these few days! cuz my parents no more working for the following week, plus my cousin was getting married yesterday, so we just go for our short vacation ^^
and its fun! quite fun! except for the boring car trip.. super long.. we only sleep and sleep inside there. then hmm those details i forgot. oh.. we met our cousin, who are oso going there for the wedding. haha.. then we stopped by those RnR and have a drink..i drank horlick lol.. and its nicer than others ok! ^_^
still miss it.. lol...

ahahahahhaahahah her cheeks damn damn damn chubby one lar.. xD

their mother is my dad's sister, as usual, they talked about education stuff..never change for years. :D

then we went to the bridegroom's house and attend for their chinese buffet. we just had our drinks right? so all of us were like damn cannot enter ady lah those food.. so full! so we just ate something and those jelly.. my favourite agar agar! seriously i can eat damn alot on those..
cold cold and damn nice! kedah food not bad. haha

so we're going to stay in my aunty's house. my brother's elder sister's house. its a big mansion, looks kinda creepy cuz its a banglo, but there are 3 families living in it, so its divided by 3 lah. -.-''
she went high when she saw those cute cute pillows.. XD damn cute..
the room is not that big, but look damn comfy and warm.. i miss that room!


saw this wallie in their house. so lengzai

slept quite early that day. and my daddy took my blanket! !@#@$@#% nah its ok, its good for him to have a good rest after the tiring day too.

Next morning we woke up like 7 like that. i woke up at 5 to be exact, go toilet. lol..
then the chubby cousin of mine keep on jumping here and there whispering la. but her whispers is like damn loud lor almost everyone woke up bcuz of her -.-''
we ate the duck noodles! its quite nice, and its kinda healthy compared to those normal noodles. cuz those noodles they wanna make it smooth and nice, they put few teaspoons of oil. while this, put like a lil bit oil oso it'll flow on top ady. so its much more healthier. =D

all of us ate one bowl and had our drinks, the chubby cousin also! damn good appetite. hahahaha
after satisfying our stomach, we went back home and change. get ready to go to the bridegroom's house. they're fetching the bride over.

its almost 11 o'clock when we reached there. so many people there ady.. all also i don't know wan. hahahaa.. most of the relatives there greeted us and said. OH! u're the triplets ah?! last time see u all still crawling now so big liao!!! -.-'' hahahahahahahha.. getting wear of ady cuz everyone greeted us with that.. -.- but it has been really long since they last saw us..

see the cute chubby cousin.. ahahahahaha so pretty rite?! damn cuteeee
but she never wanna talk to me wan.. :(

we reached there, and OMGGGGGGGG food again. we're still full ah............. T_________T....
the chubby cousin still can eat maggi mee and drink 100 plus. lol she can eat that much huh?!
all of us oso complain too full and yet she still can enjoy her food there. lol

wait and wait and wait.. for like 3 hours gua.... wait until dulan.. somemore so damn full..
so we go to the river there and talk, walk around.. but the river so smelly -.-'''

this is what we do while waiting. toooooooo boring and hotttttttttttttt

so yeah 130 like that, they FINALLY arrived! heard the car hons and damn its like so fun! XD

there are around 8 white color MyVi with those pink ribborns and nice decorations on their cars.. damn cute!!!

so tadaaaa the bride and bridegroom!

i wanna take some pictures but the evil cameraman just like pushing me away. hmph.. but he oso wanna take pictures la so i forgive him lo..

then we went to the paddy museum! got alot of nice feedbacks from my mom's friends so my dad decided to bring us there also lar, it looks nice outside..

on our way there..


one day, my prince will be riding this and come to me~

i remember watching one show, its a museum in korea. and its all about 18 SX stuff. wow!
each statues have their own ''position and style''. damn interesting xD

they charged for the camera, and also handphone! wtf....
once we got up there, find a place to sit and then the stage will spin itself, damn slow, and we're looking at the wall, with damn beautiful drawings on it. its a scenery from the gunung i guess.
and it looks so damn real! O_O !

there's one girl standing beside me,shouting in astonishment and was like super duper high and noisy. influence our mood only hmph..

these are the old methods people used last time to collect the paddy. some they made one eh.. damn hardworking huh?

my dad said he sat on it last time when he's young, where the cow will pull everything back, and he'll sit on top of the rice packs.. xD

after that we to buy my brother's clothes, last minute shopping cuz he's going for matrics on monday! then we shopped until quite late, we straight away went to the wedding dinner without bathing -.-''

this boy is seriously hyperactive. but he has a very cute smiles

the arrival of the bride and bridegroom! they just walked pass me! ^^


XD.. they're lik so high, whole bunch of people dancing and singing on the stage, they're very sporting.. lol.. and i saw a girl looked like pn ooi, dancing and singing with a guy.. xD
i smsed ah pan instantly and she asked me to take pics.. duwan lar take her pics for wat?! lol

phew, everything ended at 10 something. and kedah people really damn friendly man.. they keep on greeting and smiling to everyone welcoming them to attend their weddings. ^^

then we went back home and bathed. lol its about 11 something i guess. then i quickly sit under the fan and air cond to dry my hair.. after the bath i got sorethroat -.-' until now.. and i can see flu is coming T_T.. ah damn once i got flu it cant stop wan...

after that i went to sleep! still very pain.. T_T..
slept damn nice, and ah han and amelia appeared in my dreams again, don't disturb my sleep la pls.. xD..

early in the morning, we thought can go to our relative's house and had breakfast wan, but then they suddenly say go to another bride's house.. i was lik O_O?! so many people getting married nowadays?!
this one i don't know whose getting married, the bride and bridegroom also i don't know wan, only my dad knows.. and its some far far relationship la..
but the bridegroom is SERIOUSLY PRETTY! i love how she comb her hair that time. every woman looks damn pretty in gown, damn stunning during their marriage.well umm of course, once in their lifetime what you expect. :D
their jelly damn nice lor! XD again...

here goes the bride and bridegroom!

the brides maid also pretty like heaven.. XDXD
my sister keep on looking at her.. haha

meet this cute lil girl! we saw her wearing adults sandals walking around, then her uncle intro her to us. ahhhh damn pretty! her satay dropped on the floor and she just look at her uncle with her watery innocent eyes.. then she cover her mouth and cry... eeeeeeek damn cute!!!!!!!!1

aint she cute??? ^^
after that we went home!
the only regret is we din get to visit our uncle's house. haihhhh
and oh, happy 200th post! lol :D
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