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Posted Saturday, April 19, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
We've been waiting this day for long. Our PBSM Enrolment Day and Gathering Night! This time we attend to the events as ex senior ady.. T_T so old huh? but we still behave like kids.. well maybe few years later we wont be like this so just bear with our attitude :P

Early in the morning, and it was just 8 am.. the thing is going to start at 8:30 am (lol) and i'm still lying on my bed, not until my sister came upstairs and woke me up from my beautiful sleep!
Just had 4 hours of sleep la tailo.. damn sleepy .. but still have to get up and prepare to go..

Once we reached, we were being invited to the hall.. and outside the hall we collect our own booklet with all the events and organizing committee's lists are listed there.. and sign on the paper palm :P its fun!

Ah pan's siggy..

My siggy ( cute right?!)

Specially snap for Tan Jie Guan. My lovely junior HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is how you look like during your sketch! really entertaining wei :P and also your partner miss apple wtf.. haha

He's pretending to be some sexy girls.. but apparently they look disgusting LOL.. and i like the indian MC.. he's cool!

Then alot of performances la.. i like the traditional dance .. mei gin looks good when her hair all tied up.. zhe ying looks good when she's showing her signature sweet smileys while dancing.. and oooohhhhhh a new girl.. Joel's gf pauline also very pretty! =)

Here's their theme of this year.. so simple...but nice oso la.. hehe..-.-''

on our way to push the purple color shirt in front xD

After that we had lunch in Bazaar.. talk about alot of stuff and not forgetting some love stories XD

Went home and rest and then we're preparing to go for the next round liao.. swt.. but i'm happieeeeeeee!!!!!!!! :P and cant wait! weeeeeeeee!~ bathed and changed and everything's ready! but mommy wanna watch tv la until 6 o'clock only finish one. Fu is waiting us at 530 already and she sounds kinda mad.. lol.. so i drove there! haha.. and nearly banged a car..
you know what happened, that's not to say 100% my fault.. but it has something to do with me also lar :P
every car was moving.. then im' near the railway station.. and alot of people stopping by to fetch their friends or whoever.. so i did not notice the car suddenly stop and nearly bang towards it! and my mom said whoever that has heart attack cannot sit your car wan.. later they die..
swt... nid so kua jeong anot... -_____________-''

Met up with ah fu and ah hann.. and we saw this cute lil doggy.. haha.. i dont quite fancy dogs but some are cute too =)

my friends gone wild when they saw dogs. swt

Then the opening ceremony begins..Lol errol cheong is the cute prince. -.-''

They're singing alot of disney songs.. and i still remember i duet with Pan last year.. OMG thats a nice and sweet memory =) i wanna sing i wanna sing again!!!!!!!!!!

This errol cheong duet with mei wee.. mei wee gone prettier than last year.. her hair changed and she's slimmer right? pretty girl =)
there are lots of girls in acs cut their hair short. the bob hair you know? so common liao wtf.. -.-''

Prince Errol's rivals appear. there are 3 of them. all wanna get the princess..

the guy above is the president of the pbsm.. and he's a very friendly guy. we're new but still we're very close to him also =)

then its the sketch time. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG LOOK WHOSE PERFORMING, CUTIE EDWARD, VIVIENNE'S BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they act as the king and queen. and the 4 prince proposed to the princess.
and at last, she chose the cute one. blah.. haha

then its the game time. pass the box game. easy lah we all played since we're young.pass the box quickly and when the music stops the one holding the box wil have to get some punishment!
they lied to us by saying we can take whatever is inside the box. =.=''

the time i passed the box to my sister and the music stopped! wahahahahahahahah eh really man.. i'm not holding the box. if i am holding it my phone won't drop..
so she deserves some punishment muahahahahahah

look good in it huh?

Next up is another sketch. a very funny and stoopid sketch. hahaha.. lee mei gin the girl in the picture can really act! WOW! and also the indian. he's the MC just now lah.. haha
his spontaneous replies are really funny..

he's stepping on the dead body ROFL! i guessed its his spontenous responds la..

then alright, its refreshment time.. in short, our dinner time! lol.. i thought there's no noodles and all that.. but what surprised me are, there are noodles, CHEESE sandwiches, hot dogs and nuggets, pizza(cheap ones la ), chocolates, cookies and all that. OMG all of us drooling ady.. haha
and way better than last years. i'm in charge for the food last year, and sad to say its a fail!
didn't snap pics of those food. people will think i'm weird if i do so, and the queue is longgggggggg!
took our food and sat on the pavillion to enjoy them. and yeah hahahahahh there are alot of lizards on top and we're scared that they might fall shits down to our food xD!
and we discussed about those maid conference just now.. omgggggggggggggggggg lmaoooooo!
only those who are there know what i'm talking about :P

after our dinner we walked back to the hall.. and we saw alot of pretty girls ( our dressed up juniors) wearing their gown.. those gowns aint no ordinary gowns.. those are made up of own creativity with recycled stuff if i'm not mistaken.. and its still the same good old product by our designner MZX. lol..

they look really elegant with al those gowns man.. like they are going for a prom..

a very special dress.. made by those plastic bags and behind there are glasses! omg cool.. haha
she has to wear another sleeveless inside cuz they are not allowed to wear sexy clothes..
so when she walk we'll hear some glass clinking sound.. thats the most unique dress of the night i guess =)

and their last group photo.. spot any leng lui?

there are alot.. seriously..

then the acoustic performance by Guy and Joel. damn both of them look good!
I used to like Joel last time, cuz of his look only la ok, he's so much younger than me...he looks damn good.. ahahah like mixed.. but now, hmph.. he sang WITH YOU to his gf right in front of us, so we don't feel respected, and hence i changed my target to Guy. wahahahahaha
awwwwwwwwwwwww if Michael was there.. then everything will be perfect... ^^

I ain gonna post any videos out, i did record them sing with you.. with the nice guitar sound and the nice voice of them.. its just simply because i sang so loud in the video. hahaha cuz they ask us to sing along and we just did la.. and i don't want you guys to switch attention from them to me.

indian can look good sometimes.. :hehe:

then then there's a group of girls singing To Be With You.
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG seriously i regret for not bringing my headset.

then its the dance.. woooooooooooooooooo cute lil girls~ lolz.. lolis!!!!!
for eXP! LOL!

ini amoi banyak cute~! OMG I SOUND LIKE PERVERTED UNCLE

i still remember last year we danced, wearing exactly like them too. except for the leggings.. and we're so much cuter last year. HAHAHAHAHAHA! and yah sadly someone ''run light'' so its a very very bad memory for all of us. not me don wry ^^

and the best part of the whole gathering night is a guy immitating jolin dancing! OMG!!!!
WE'RE SHOUTING LIKE MAD FANS AND people around us doing so too! cuz its just.. so.. sexy..... and so.. seducing.. and so.... real! lolz..
he even wore high hills, make up, put fake eye lashes, put on wig, wear exactly like her, dance exactly like her, shake his body exactly like her... omg thumbs up! we love you babeh~!!!
that 10 minutes performance was a blast.. everyone shout out as hard as they could.. and lol.. his spaghetti dress going to fall down.. and they called him ''do lin '' instead of jolin WTF! LOL!-.-''

guess i'm done with this post. ^^

oh yah i forgot to mention about the gift exchange session.. we have to find people with the same number .. and there are 4 peple holding the same number.. and i found it right away, the one standing just in front of me - man kwan. hahahaa.. we exchanged and she got my hp hanger and i got her photo frame.. lol its farnie!

i was updating this blog while chatting with eXPeri3nc3.. he told me he was watching some hardcore gay porn right now.. OMG yucks man.. puke! he still dare to tell me huh..? so daring.. sigh...
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