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Posted Friday, April 11, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
I got a call from XinYi, asking whether 3 of us going to his bday party or not..
cuz yesterday we agreed, i didn't remember i actually say yes, i remember i said '' see first lah''
so she called and wanna confirm.. we've got nothing to do at home also, so we just go..
the very first time i went to some place without my close friends! i mean they are my friends, but we never hang out that often usually.. the 2nd reason why im hesitating whether i wanna go or not is, i did not buy any present for him.. its ok, next time we meet you i'm going to give you ok? =).. 3rd reason is, i still not yet bath............................... and jim is already waiting for us outside the door! omg!!! so i just tell him my dad can fetch us there.. :)
i msn and ask who is going there, and NEARLY asked vincent !! LOL... ( this is a surprise party, if i ask him eh who is going to your house? then he will know.. hahaha luckily.. damn i'm smart! )
we reached his house.. and saw xinyi, anna, azlin, jim, sumyeeling all there.. hahaha planning to give surprise to him..we tiptoed to his room and SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he was.. ahem... half naked.. and busy doing assignments/ study for his major exam tomorow.. from his expression i can tell that he's super duper happy and shocked and excited! hahahhaa

i like his pc's wallpaper!

he showed us some step up 2 trailer.. its nice and cool.. i downloaded it, gonna find someday to watch.. haha..after that we went outside and eat the cake..

Vincent with his cake

Guys.. girls i dont haf.. lol

LOL only my brother looking at my camera with his blur face..

The cake!

this shitty look cake.. me and azlin rejected to eat one.. at last.. fall to sum's mouth LOL

after the cake, they wanna play water.. -.-'' they brought their own shirts there.. i didnt.. and dunno wanna bring so those who din bring clothes, stay indoor and watch tv, chat, play comp, play hp or whatever...
My frenz~

i love anna and azlin's hair.. lol.. look real cool..

lets see what are they doing outside

they are allllll wet... including our shoes.. -.-''

they put meichern inside the tank.. hahahahaha

see she's so cool~~

we played vincent's lappie and pc.. we on the webcam for everyone whose chatting with us.. haha its fun.. i want a lappie toooooooo~!!!!!!!!

and it was time to go home.. so we went home and here am i blogging! its 2:03 am.. lol.. it took me long long time to update blog this time.. cuz i nid to edit my names on the pictures..
one of the best way to promote my blog......... wahahahahahahahh

Goodnight people.. =)

*DAMN THIS BLOGSPOT.. I REALLY HATE IT LAR!!!!!!!!GOING TO CHANGE TO WORDPRESS LIAO....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HMPH!!!!!!!!!!*
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