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Posted Monday, April 14, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Its going to be real quick update.. since i was busy whole day long and gonna go to bed few minutes later.. T_T
Yesterday had some dirty talk with my friends, yeah the contents are 18SX but its definitely healthy ok.. :P .. i laughed so much yesterday.. carlston gaving shocking replies, eXP gaving stupid replies XDXD! trying to make each other horny.. LOL.. but failed terribly.. its still cyber! hahaha
somemore i'm underage le.. i'm innocent ^^
chat for quite long.. wanted to go sleep at 3 something cuz later on 9:45 am i have dentist appointment.. must get enuf sleep! but chat chat chat somemore the topic is super adventurous and interesting, i slept after 4.. LOL..

this morning, as what i've expected.. can't open my eyes when its 9 o'clock.. have to eat my breakfast, prepare my documents to certify again.. ( yes AGAIN!!!! )
i ate my breakfast real fast.. and off we went for the dentist appointment.
reached there at the exact time 9:45 am.. and go upstairs to hand my pink card for the dentist..
and i thought its gonna be long.. i thought i'll have to pull my teeth today, or take X ray today, or discuss which teeth to pull.. but no.. we wait until 10:45am only its my turn damnit.
saw Rosanne~ she's very pretty and fair.. lol besides, she's damn friendly too.. :D
chat with her lots of stuffs, and she told us her trip to NZ.. woahhhh~ damn jealous lor... :P
My mom thought we're classmates, but no.. we're jz schoolmate.. cuz she was curious how come we can talk non stop for 1 hour +.. well thanks to her, she loves to talk bout this and that..
a very cute girl =)
later its finally my turn.. they never promise to see us in time and that pissed my mom off..
she hates to wait.. i went in, and just lied down on the chair..
the dentist Dr. Goh asked me, whats the reason you wanna do braces? i said so that it'll be an easier task to take care of my teeth lo ^^.. she nodded and checked my teeth.. and talk to his assistant bout something which i don't understand.. *hopefully i no nid to pull out more than 4 teeth le T_T *
and damnnnnnnnnnn it took us 10 minutes to go in only.. and she asked us to go for X ray in hospital.. gawd why cant she just tell us when we're there?!?! which is nobody will choose government service and the only things that attracted them was just the cheap price..
keep procrastinating and there's always tomorow for them.

After tat we went back to our school.. and certify our documents.. oh shi nobody's there.. except Mr Low.. he's gonna nag us again T_T.. we've got NO choice but to let him certify.. why is he always in the staffroom la? lolz... and as expected, he nagggggggg for soooooooo longggggggg cuz my sister forgot to bring her IC.. -.-'' ..after we certify everything we went to T1 just opposite ACS and brought ourselves shoes.. cuz mine spoilt .. haha...

I dont know what color i want so i sms-ed Ernest and smallkid to ask for their opinions..
surprisingly, both of them said red.. yerrrrrrrr..... so i bought red! lol and its cheap..
so even if i don't like it, i can always wear for jungle trekking, walk in the mud or something..
i wont get heartbroken anyway.. :P
and i can buy another pair of shoes anytime i want next time~

Sis missed Bazaar's food and planned to have our lunch there, but uh oh.....raining!!!!
so we have to eat in terminal... we ate Mc D!! the nice and smooth porridge.... ~~~ Ahhhhhh~
luckily i brought the McD kids card and we can exchange for either french fries or ice cream for free! but of course, we chose french fries.. you wont wanna share ice cream with your sister right.. that's gonna be real disgusting.. LOL.. seduced smallkid on how nice the porridge are..
and he was sooooo jealous and i was sooooo happy! cuz he was just having his tasteless noodle soup.. what to do you sick la..... :P

After i got home, all i did is busy about the petronas scholarship thingy.. and YES, the thing is just tomorow! and you have no idea why are they doing this.. they just notify us on 12/4/08.. and our interview is on 15/4/08.. stupid arent they? i was kinda relax cuz i arranged every documents in order and prepared for it already.. and all of us got fucked up when they said they want 2 copies instead of just 1! so where are we going to find another set of copies of those documents with certified signatures on it?! fark.. mom keep on scolding us.. T_T........................
wel if you are there to hear me rant you will know how pissed i was that time... :P
and thank god! now its all over~

Time : 11:07 pm.. gonna sleep soon.. Tomorow is waking up at 3 just to reach Perak by 8 am..


wish me luck, i hope that both of us can pass this interview!!!
so that our hardworks and sacrifices are worth!

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