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Posted Wednesday, April 30, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
I miss my old healthy lifestyle -- sleep early, wake up early.
those good old school times. so yesterday i did it! i went to bed at 12 something. miracle isn't it? =P
cuz brother was dotaing with his friends until 12 something. and i see dota also sienzzzzz lah..
so since when im online, there's nobody to chat with, ernest is playing his cod4 again. so if he wanna accompany me dota its gonna be long. so i just sleep lor. good also cuz i nid to wake up at 10 today.

Sister woke me up at 10 something today. and i reacted to her, and fall asleep again. hahahahaha not on purpose lah! too sleepy! then she came up and called me for the 2nd time . xD.. its like i simply lie on a place on my bed its just sooooo comfortable~!
and the other reason why i wanna wake up that early was, i wanna have a proper breakfast.
not brunch anymore. i wanna drink a hot drink + some bread.. long time never have that.
so i did that today! ^_^..

11:00 am - Walked to the bus station. its around 1 km from our house, i guess.
we're going to terminal 1 to meet up with Rachel,Hau, and Fu. so we came to the bus stop, and a malay guy sit beside us. he was busying with his handphone. and i was curious what he's doing with his handphone. he hold his handphone high up, and towards us. and use his hand to cover the sunlight shining on his handphone, so he can see clearly. and i wanna see his model as well. :P.. then i saw.. something........ like a man's penis. '' wtf? isit true?! my godddddddddd i think its really porn leh!!!!. god bless god blesss'''
i dare not stare longer at it just to make sure i'm right. and he saw me looking at him watching PORN on his handphone, he immediately flipped his phone. and he asked me couple of questions.
he said ''amoi ar, bila bus itu datang ar? satu hour ka?'' i looked at him very quick and shrugged and ignored him. at the meantime, i saw his hands, his PERVERTIC hands put under his pants and start masturbating. i guess he's really masturbating while talking to me. cuz i saw its moving!!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!
i freaked out and luckily, omg luckily the bus arrived! just in time! when i get up from the seat, i saw he started to pull up his pants and reach for ''something'' i quickly RUN towards the bus and go up the bus.. and inside the bus, i told this to my sister. my sister went '' OMG YOU SAW THAT TOO?! WTF I THOUGHT I'M THE ONLY ONE SAW THAT!'' lol both of us really freaked out man.
and i was sms-ing with eXP that time, so i told him about this. but he sounded like very funny like that! hmph.... and he said to him, its very normal lah..
oh.. masturbating in public also normal la?!?!?!?!?!?! then he said : oh damn how i wish there's girls doing it.. '' i went speechless after i read that msg. i dont feel like taking bus anymore next time. luckily my sister was with me that time, if me alone then.............. T.T

Talk about this pervertic incident, i have one more thing to share. i've got this friend,wait he's not my friend! named ''koon yong'' and he keeeeeeeeeeep on talking horny stuff to me.
i was being nice to him, always avoid his questions or just scold him but i never block him.
until yesterday, he suddenly asked me, accept my webcam.. accept my webcam.. so just in case he's gonna show me his ''best friend'', i dragged the whole msn window to the right..which means i can only see a small lil part of the webcam. and as what i've expected, he really showed me his penis. i knew it and i scolded him sohai and fuck you and blocked him. i didn't really see his penis thou. i just saw his tummy. and somemore he still dare to ask.. comments pls? walao.. what's wrong with these kinda people? cant they be more educated? cant they use webcam wisely and don't do all these dirty + ugly stuffs?! that's just NOT sexy and you have just acted like a son of a bitch. don't worry, perma block + delete his contact ady. ^^

and yes we reached terminal safely. phew~! met up with rachel first. she's in black! and damn she's still so fair.. so pretty.. ahem ahem!.. so we crapped.. and joke alot.. still remember how sapo she is during form 3.. ahhhhhhh miss that time.. T.T.. she's still like that. exactly the same. we went to make a handphone hanger, with our names on it. we can choose the names and those cute lil bling bling stuff. haha.. i made my name, rachel made hers, my sister made hers too.
fu and hau dowan.. while we're busy choosing for our stuffs, they went to buy tickets for us. ^^
so here isit, i've wasted 24 bucks on it.. damn expensive hor?! but worth =)

cant see how it shines here. too bad. T.T
mine is nice cuz its long. wasted so much money on this damn thing. but i likey! haha
sister was like : damn mother's day comin and we shud have made one for mom!
me : yahor..

Check out rachel's beautiful and sexay legs~! LOl..

then we went Bazaar for lunch. hau and fu ate only. we just ordered drinks. ah hann joined us and she said she got a fren coming to watch iron man with us one.. but he din turn up :(
so never mind la~ after that we went back to T1 and watched our show.. still, jusco's cinema better... got a tall guy blocking my way.. he so tall still wanna sit in front of me wtf.. almost half of the screen blocked ady. damn potong stim.. so luckily beside rachel, there's an empty seat.. and i can go there and enjoy my show without any stupid blockings. ^^ but beside me got some malay guys damn noisy wan la.. overall, the show was nice~! today is the premiere so its more expensive.. but never mind lar.. its worth..
talk about the coolness of the show, i still prefer transformers. they made me go WOW! this show only wow!.. lol...guys will love this...but no kissing scenes lor.. dunno why so weird wan..

after the show, all of us hungry ady.. xD!! so we went to kfc and had our lunch.. that time was 4 pm ady.. 3 of us ordered cheezy and drink.. my sister ordered a burger.. DAMN ITS DELICIOUS! =P.. rachel showed us her lengzai. to me ok ok only lar. hahaha.. but that guy is rich! drives BMW and going UK this september. rachel told me more than half of her class, all non virgins anymore. so she feels more innocent being with us~! hahahaha..

We walked back to school and waited to go home. and saw syazwan.. rachel's friend, driving mercs too..so rich.. and he's chuby chuby one.. buffy keep on saying he's cute.. swt.. she got some fatty fetish.. lolz... while we're waiting for our parents to fetch us home, shit happened.
i feel something fell on my hand.. i thought it was a bug or something so i quickly shooed it off.. then it was... shit.. bird shit.. hann, hau and my sister were laughing like mad.. including me too..
hahahahaha for the very first time shit fall on my hand.. wtf.... its black and greenish.. XDXDXD!
so i ran and wash my hands.. they still laughing T.T
mom called and say she reached.. so we went outside and looking for her.. after 5 minutes like that, we still don't see her.. so i called again and asked :

Me : ma, where r u? i thought you said you reached?
Mom : Ya i reached ady la.. where you all?
Me : Terminal 1?
Mom: omg im in jusco..

zha dou right............... ._.''
today really happened alot of unexpected stuffs.. and dunno wanna laugh or cry.. lolz..

ernest said he went for some japanese buffet.. bring me along plssss! *innocent eyes* ^.^
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