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Posted Thursday, April 10, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
thanks to shaun, the whole plan changed.. lol but its good also, can sleep longer..
we supposed to go school 7 today.. so early right?! 7 oclock reach our house, which means we have to wake up at 6, prepare everything until 7.. goshhhhhh.. my sister is not willing to wake up so early.. haha..
so at around 12 am something, my sister went to bed already, assuming 6 oclock she has to wake up.. and shaun told me that tomorow no nid to go so early, go at 830.. weee.. means i can sleep until 730 instead of 6! but oh my.. my sister slept already.. how to tell her not to wake up at 6?
shaun asked me to change her alarm time.. hahaha.. almost forgot bout that.. :P
slept before 3 yesterday. counted as early for me :P..
and this morning woke up at 730.. was super duper tired.. and went back to sleep again.. half an hour also nice.. haha.. cuz shaun said he'll be reaching at 830.. so sleep until 8 oclock lo..
during that short 30 minutes sleep, i also can dream -_____-''
i dreamt i was so tired, colleen's brother was so tired, * since when colleen has a younger brother?*, colleen also tired...
3 of us were sitting on couch.. and colleen was toooo tired and so she slept on someone's shoulder..
colleen's brother asked me to hug him.. so cute ma so i hug lor.. somemore he's sleepy.. so i just hug him to sleep.. and then i forgot the existence of colleen beside me.. i just took his brother away when my dad came to fecth me.. lol.. and i slept in the car with colleen's younger brother..
and then i was half awake.. cuz i heard my dad's fon beep.. i saw my dad's expression suddenly turn stun.. so i dunno wats wrong and i took a peep at the message.. i saw alot of F words, i say omg omgomgomg isit my fren sms me ah?! then my dad faster wake me up and show me the messages.. i saw many F words and yeah its from colleen.. haha.. she said she lost her brother! LOL.. i was so blur that i forgot she's suppose to take her brother home.. and then i woke up from my dreams.. lol.. and after i finish brushing i saw shaun smsing me saying he's coming right now.. erm i not yet have my breakfast.... ah never mind...!!!
we went there and meet up with fu, joyce and hau.. they're in the inner court watching girls under 15 playing basketball.. the first player that caught my attention was number 10..
walao she's kinda erm fat, but she's quite pro.. in shooting la.. every balls also masuk..
so they won lo..

Right after the girl under 15 end, we went to the first court and watch guys under 15..
well the best and most exciting match ( guys under 18) will always be the last one.

under 15 guys i have no comments, cuz i dont know most of them.. lol.. and i think.. if i'm not mistaken , they won.. is it?

and then its girls under 18's turn.. most of them are joyce's gang la.. the bukit mewah girls damn rough.. i dunno whats wrong with my memory, does not have any deep impression on these 2 games.. lol so sorry..
ok lets skip those 2 matches.. move on to the last match.. =)

its guys under 18! ACS vs Bukit Mewah..
and quite nice oooo! we cheered alot and scream alot.. haha.. but still at last bukit mewah won.. T.T.. never mind there's always next year! :D
the cutie eugene.. aww~
and i saw the cutie edward there

and ah pan's cutie,benjamin...x_x

some pictures i took during the match..(my sister took some too )

heads are blocking.. lol..

Must feel honoured that you guys appear in my blog!!!

Birthday girl!!!!!

Joyce & hau ( pro basketballers)

after the match, we went T1 to have our lunch.. we celebrate birthday girl's birthday too la.. haha
but no cake.. lol.. :P

we cheers we cheers..

when we're about to go shopping, we saw this cute lil baby sleeping on his mommy's shoulder~

his eye lashes damn long wan!! very cute!!!!!

i bought a new casing for my handphone.. that old casing is way too old and its spoilt.. cuz i often dropped my fon on the floor accidentally.. :P and now my phone looks brand new with that new transparent casing! ^_^ so happy~

me and my mom discussed about our college stuff today in car.. lol.. i keep on asking her where are we going to study, and she said she's not sure yet. and she's very worried about the ptptn..
suddenly she asked me to consider architecture.. well that's my first option at first.. i kinda like the mixture of science and art.. and it will never be boring aight? can draw plans, build small lil houses etc.. things that i'm worried are.. i scared i cannot cope up with it.. and scared i will lose interest in it later.. :(.. and how come now only tell me to consider architecture?!?!?! argh!!
i made up my mind to go for accounting alredy.. since the salary damn high, short duration..
but my mom says its very very hard to get ACCA.. among 10 people, 7 people fail.. and its very risky.. plus it'll be very busy everyday working in firm and all.. sighhhhhh..
now... once again, i'm lost................. T.T
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