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I really thought i was fully escaped from the petronas interview already. but then on monday night, after i bathed, i went to the living room, sat down and read newspaper, my dad suddenly said : '' are you sure you wanna be accountant ar?! its going to be really hard.. you thought so easy meh..
those courses petronas offered, sure very good one lar.. they offered it out, means they need such people.. somemore BIS ( business information system) is good what.. got business element inside and some computer also.. more to IT side la but you never try how you know you dont like it? see the girl ( my neighbour's friend, who just graduated from BIS in petronas) also can study and somemore graduated ady.. so why you cannot? MMU first year have to pay money.. then the next year only you can get the ptptn loan... somemore MMU dont have scholarship.. which means we have to pay 27k for 3 of you.. we cant afford that.. ''
my heart goes ok fine. i'll just go upstairs, and i went there not on my own will, i did it just to satisfy you guys. i stomped upstairs, and started crying. i just couldn't take it anymore. how can they ask me to go so far, doing something so meaningless, just to get into the course i don't like?! then i suddenly thought of eXP's advises.. and he's gonna scold the hell out of me when he heard this..and so i started to calm myself and try to think everything on the bright side.. the guy having tuition with me, also went wor.. he's kinda rich.. he still went so far just to get inside petronas.. means that interview is good la.. and its worth going and give a try.. then my heart suddenly goes.. oh wait.. he's taking the courses he like ma.. mine le? BIS watafark is that.. *cries again*
so i wait until my eyes are not that red and swollen.. only i go downstairs.. and suddenly my sister came in.. and i just complaint to her.. i could not really believe my own ears that my dad asked me to give up what i wanna study just because of the scholarship..you noe,if you take this means you gonna work as this liao next time!!!! T_____T.. broke down in front of her when i'm half way complaining.. and she said : dont make me cry also can anot?! because at first BEFORE we graduated, parents want us to go MMU.. i think we deserve a better choice if we got good results.. so at the day we got our SPM results, i even prayed saying that if my results not good i go tarc.. if good i can get scholarship and enter those better college.. so God plsss my future is in your hand! and He did not disappointed me, thank god i got 10 As, AT LEAST there are a few uni offer full scholarship for their pre U studies.. HOORAY! i nid not go to mmu already.. but then my parents slashed off the chances to go KL to study, cuz the cost of living there high.. so yeah we finally accepted MMU.. but not utp. there is very good and nice.. somemore got pocket money and allowance to buy laptop.. but its in perak you know.. which means if i wanna come back, its gonna be dunno how many months!( while if i study in melacca, i can go back home whenever i want cuz its near.. )then those words came from my dad yesterday, he said if cannot, we might wanna go form 6.. omg laaaaa now only you tell?! all my friends went for tuition ady la late or not.. somemore now last minute only make desicion..
omggggggggg i really feel damn stressed and feel like wanna give up studying.. T_T.. so you cant blame me for crying out loud yelling in the room saying how come my dad could ask me to give up my dreams.. for so long i never tried how is it like sobbing,, and i finally felt that yesterday..
i bet my parents heard our conversation in the room. and after awhile, they called us out and say going form 6 is our last choice.. and mainly wont go .. just go for the petronas and even if you dont like the course, just gain some experience back ok?... it sounds dramatic huh? i'm not spoilt i'm just could not control the tears la! -.-''...sigh its over right now..
that time when i was packing, i was even imagining IF i take the BIS course, i'll be showing face to my dad everytime i come home.. just to make him feel guilty that why he forced me to take something i dont like, and that thing is what i'm going to do in my future. lol i dunno why i'll came out with such evil thoughts.. but then i remember what eXP told me.. he asked me why dont i look at the bright side, he been there done that so there's no rugi for me if i go.. regardless of those petrol money and toll money.. lol.. so i took his advises and start to look everything on the bright side..and since i'm staying at home nothing to do also.. just go there lahhhhhhhh 2 days only ma.. although its gonna be real bored... T_T

I just remember one thing - I slept for 2 hours only. been messaging Ernest and clement, msn-ing with eXP.
Ernest cheered me up with his lame jokes.. Clement take care of me, eXP keep on lecturing me like my dad.. haha.. thanks you guys.. thanks for being there when i'm so down T_T..
and just because of you guys i went for the interview willingly.. hahaha.. i did it for you! :P

Day 1 - Reached there after a boring 4 hours car trip. and oh my god are we dreaming or what?
how come no people wan? compare to last week my sister's interview. there so packed with people man but now its like a gathering going to dismiss like that. but never mind.. could not bother much on it..
My mom said she hardly see any chinese girls around.. so at last she spotted one.. and coincidently her parents are also teachers.. in PD.. so my mom thought we can both hang out together doing stuff together taking care of each other together..
but my first impression was like.. omg no.. she sounds very quiet.. how can we talk leh later? i'm not like hate her la.. i just feel like she's a quite person and i'll have to be the one keep on doing the talkings then. somemore her parents are over protective,, and that makes her introvert..
but she's quite pretty.. her eyes are big.. and haha.. she knows vivienne! vivienne is from PD too.. =)
registered in our hostel.. and i saw her mom there.. she said ohhh thank god you are here..
so can both of you stay in the same room? can? then my mom said yah yah can can.. so ended up both of us staying together and since then, i have a quiet roommate.

Went to the chancellor hall.. the hall that UTP was so proud of it.. lolz.. and this is what you wanna see, eXP and anna?

seriously its damn pretty.. and that's why they keep on promoting it la.. and the educamp, they insisted to have it in utp.. all the students from far away are complaining! but they don't care.. their buildings here ma.. -.-''

i talked to my roommate.. all the reaction i got was.. laughing.. smilling.. yah.. no... dunno.. shrug.. -.-'' OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i'm dead bored. i wanna change target but never mind.. i duwan her to feel left out. so basically first day i have no friends at all, no chinese friends.. only malay friends..malays are super friendly~

During the campus tour.. they talked briefly about what we're going to study in BIS.. we visited their campus and wow.. everywhere also equipped with computers.. and every room is like a computer lab.. we went to the computer lab.. and someone gave us a talk..
they showed us a clip on How to crack WEP in 10 minutes.. boys are like WOW!! are we going to do this next time! cool... girls are like : wat is this?-.-''
i want accounting lar not IT La! lol..

and the lecturer.. sound damn soft lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~gonna sleep ady.. lol..
my roommate was paying her full attention on sms.. totally neglect what he's trying to tell.. lol
i asked her, what course you want actualy? what are you interested in?
she said she's interested in science course, not art.. but unfortunately she scored better in her language subjects but not those science subjects. so her mom made decision for her by asking her to take this course.. so in short, she was forced to take lah.. haha

Our campus tour guide..

i wasnt in the mood for taking pictures cuz i was bored and do not have anyone to talk to.. but then i saw those boys taking our their handphone and camera snapping here and there.. so i got the mood back.. haha.. and hey i'm a blogger too..!

petronas is so greeen.. - said by everyone

then we went to the dunno where.. E & E department i guess.. all those malays were talking non stop.. and still, we did not talk! -.-''

after that we went to visit their library..
its damn huge and damn nice!!!!!!

HAHhahahahah! their poster in the library :P

after that we went back to our hostel, had our bath and dinner.. time in hostel was great.. haha..
i just love to sit on the bed, chit chatting with friends.. hugging pillows and bolsters.. listening mp3.. hmm thats enjoying! ^^

this is the very simple hostel.. this hotel does not look good compared to other one.. this village 2 looks simple and dirty.. but other village look like condo one!!! damn nice!!!! wanted to go in and pay a visit but forget it.. lol

the dinner was great.. and we all changed into our sports attired ady.. during dinner time i managed to talk to a johor girl.. she is very friendly =).. i hope we can be the same rooommate la.. haha..
and i saw one girl quite pretty there.. i dunno her names.. i dare not look into her eyes somemore. cuz her eyes are killing.. haha.. and she's taking actuarial science.. wow!!! she says hopefully she wont give up.. cuz many people give up ady.. it was just too hard.. but once you graduated ha.. sure become millionare one.. XD.. i wanted to make friends with her but whenever she look at me i'll look elsewhere.. so how can we make friend s like this?! -.-''
and then we went to the main hall.. and listen to that 2 hours briefing.. briefing on tmr's assessment and test only ma nid 2 hours meh.... swt.... but that guy who talk is kinda funny.. well sometimes he did make me laugh.. lol.. but most of the times he's telling lame jokes making those malay girls laugh. hahaha

it was super cold after the briefing.. and i check my handphone.. and quite surprised that smallkid will sms me.. lol it was 10 pm.. he thought i'm asleep?! -.-''we chat from the main hall to the hostel.. chat with ernest too.. and my sister too.. my sister even called me up.. haha i asked her to do so.. and at least i have someone to chat with!!!!!!!!!! lol..... we did not even talk for the whole night.
after the call, i received my roommate's mom's sms. saying that she got stomach ache, asking me whether got the minyak angin anot.. and says that she forgot to bring her charger.. so ask me to wake her up as well.. i went around borrowing for minyak angin but dont have.. lol.. so i asked her, you stomach ache ar? she just look at me blur blur like that.. and nod.. -.-'' cant she just talk?!?!?!?!? then her mom said she's introvert and asked me to take care of her.. sure i'll take care of her but i really hope she talk to me instead of smsing in the phone lorrrrrr.. -.-''
then i asked her to sleep early.. and off the light.. mine is still with the table lights on.. cuz i wanna sms ma.. so i was lying on the bed.. under the dim light.. listening to Thank God I Found you.. very romantic song T.T.. and i saw some words beside the table.. those ex seniors wrote down their love story there.. very touching le.. wow the whole thing is like so romantic man.. lol
And after i say byebye to ernest and eXP, i straight away fall asleep.. was too tired and its quite nice~~~~~~~~~~

i curi take her pictures.. haha..
breakfast time!

breakfast got donuts one.. then my roommate is like scratching off all the sugar off.. XD!
after that i went to the Blok B to have my assessment done. they gave you a case study, and you have to discuss on the spot.. and 30 minutes given.. i wrote alot of thing! but once i went in right, i din say anything in the paper also. hahaha.. the guys sitting beside me, he talks to the girl sitting beside me.. after he talked to her and intro to each other, then its a manner to talk to me right.. but i did not look at him so we didn't talk also.. lol.. i wanted to exchange msn with him but don't dare.. so just forget about it~! lol.. they are really friendly. i mean the guys.. argh now no more chance to make frens with them ady..

i went in the interview room, and there are 2 people interviewing me asking me questions.. and i just answer what i can think of la.. lol.. after that it was group discussion.. omg thats a very funny group discussion.. a guy wanted to conquer everything.. so he keeeeep on emphasizing his point till the end.. lol.. damn funny.. but at first we did not talk at all.. cuz diff race ma.. then after the group study we talked to each other and exchanged msn with each other too! =)
malay girls are realy friendly.

ok my interview is done, but my roommate's interview is still going on. sad to say that the key is with her. so where can i go?!??! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
i went back to the hostel, and just sat on the staircase.. XD..
to me i don't think its something big la. but the malay girls in my group say.. OMG why you sitting here?! wats wrong?! i say the key is with my roommate.. so i sit here and wait lo.
they say come come come to our room and have a seat..!! lol.. i went in la.. and chat with them..
they really damn talkative la.. and enjoying themselves hanging out with each other just like that.. too bad i don't understand what they are trying to say sometimes.. lol.. if not i'll just join in the conversation..so after i feel like i shud really leave the place because i'm not even talking to them, i went downstairs and ate my lunch.. saw my chinese friends there.. the johor girl. ahhhh luckily ^^.. so we ate our lunch together.. and lol.. another friend of mine, i thought she's a vegetarian.. cuz her plate only have rice, and vege.. and fruits.. i asked her, why don't you eat chicken one? its nice.. then she said the chicken hangus ady la.. i zhadou... its black pepper la hangus ur head.. LOL!!!!!!!!!
then my roommate's mom reached there.. i asked why dont she come down and have her lunch with us? mom replied, oh.. she cannot eat curry chicken.. LOL? does it look like hangus/curry chicken?! hahahahahahahhah...

after the lunch we went to the main hall and sit for our wu liao exams.. really mou liu..
the pain is killing me T_T.. how i wish to go back ASAP! somemore the people there talk so slow.. read the instructions also must read until damn slow.. damn annoying.. its so pain and i was like argh faster lar.. argh... arghh... lolz xD.. the IQ test was ok.. at first its quite easy.. but in the end alamak ... wats that !!!
and finaly, after EVERY tests finished, we went back to our hostel and pack our stuffs out.. ^.^
i packed and went back home.. met my neighbour studying there one.. and talked to him lo..
and parents are like.. we let our daughter made her own decision la.. and most probably going mmu la.. waaaaaa after one interview everything changed? haha.. great!

oh yah forgot to mention something really funny. i was wearing my mom's long dress.. and those malays saw it.. they touch the long dress and say oooooo cantiknya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
i stoned and say hahaha thanks thanks.. my mom will be damn happy to hear this.. XD~~~
and i saw one hot chick selling sourvenirs.. seriously she can be damn pretty if she knows how to dress herself up.. her eyes are huge!!!!! very cute looking girll...

and i came home and dota with ernest, jgirl and eXP.. ernest and eXP really... hahahahhaha..
i came back straight away to read bloggyyyyyyyyyy... damn i miss my bloggy!!! ^^
when you did not say anything out, people will never understand what you are thinking. and the distance is like getting further and further.. :(

so overall, this camp was mou liu and kinda fun XD!
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